9 Tips To Make Your Tablet Child- Friendly

In the last few years, we have experienced massive growth in technology, and as a result, tablets have become an important part of our society. Today, many tablets have the same specifications as laptops and computers, but they are much easier to use, particularly because of their size and usability. From schools to hospitals to […]

Let Your Kids Teach Themselves with These 8 Educational Apps

The education industry has seen a massive transformation in the last decades. Today, learning, especially for kids has become more accessible, thanks to the development of educational apps. This has made education more interesting for many students regardless of their ages. Educational apps have become today’s bridge, between the kids and the teachers, as well […]

Best Kids Tablet with Android | These are the top South African picks

The South African consumer electronics market has a lot to offer to its consumers just as much as all the other regional consumer electronics market does to their patrons on other parts of the world. It is thriving so much that South African-based electronic companies have locally produced and market their own mobile phones and […]

Best Tablet for Kids | Top tablets to consider for children in 2019

We have seen the tech world expanding rapidly in the past few years and the expansion process does not seem to stop anytime soon. Because of this, many people are being excited by the introduction of new productive devices and gadgets that are worth exploration. However, we have one gadget, that has become very common […]