We are all well aware that the digital generation has taken a great step further.  A VR headset is a phenomenon that will allow you to make an optimum use of the modern technology, bringing you ultimate joy in the virtual reality. You will find yourself in the galaxy while sitting at your dining table. Exciting, isn’t it? The VR revolution is still in progress and now, you can be involved in it even if you own an iPhone. Mobile VR headsets offer a premium experience on a budget, unlike the expensive sets. The sensors of mobile VR headset rely on the phone to provide sensors, display, and brains of the gadget. The headset provides VR lenses and, at the same time, holds the iPhone.

By purchasing the right VR headset you will dive into the whole new world of virtual reality. Most of the mobile phone VR headsets are made of a plastic case and contain a pair of lenses. You need to choose wisely and to purchase value for money. In addition, we offer you the best VR headset for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

VR Headset with Remote Controller BlitzWolf Goggles 3D Glasses Virtual Reality

If you want to watch the best Hollywood movies or play an immersive video game anywhere and having the best 3D, 360 degrees home cinema experience, this is the right gadget for you. You can also revive your memories by watching panoramic pictures and go back on the scene. Or, you can connect virtually using the social networking platform that will meet all your social, long-distance needs.

This is the latest version of VR designed to comfortable suit you when wearing it. The precision of the parts and the assembly process ensure high quality and perfect virtual experience.  After 130 anti-throw experiments and 72 hours high-temperature experiment, this headset comes with a brand new structure that shows the hypnotic 3D virtual reality vision.

This product will meet all your needs because it comes with lenses upgraded to be even more refined. The headset has 42mm Mitsubishi aspheric FOV108 lenses and a nano-coating of 8 layers that reduces 90% of phone’s radiations. The anti-radiation lenses also block the electromagnetic radiation without vision side effects. They have also a high strength that makes them resistant to breakage. The anti-reflection lens uses refractive optical materials and vacuum, ion plated refining that reduce the excess reflected light from the lens, thus increasing the light absorbance up to 98%. Additionally, the anti-blue light reduces the harmful blue lights, protecting the eyesight. The five-time polished and adjustable leather head strap brings you comfort even after wearing it for hours.


This headset has also an adjustable 55-65mm pupil and +/- 5mm focal distance instead of setting them only to one distance. Also, it can support up to 500 degrees of short-sightedness, by focusing each eye separately, making it possible to use it without glasses.

It is “lightweight, no issues with extended wear, comfortable on the face/nose, easily adjustable headgear, expandable clip to hold the phone in place with adjustable “bumpers” that slide so they don’t press volume buttons”, according to D. Sabo’s review on Amazon.

The front cover is attached magnetically and can be removed very easy in order to keep the device cooled down, by improving the ventilation. If a certain app uses the iPhone camera, you can remove the cover to give camera visibility BlitzWolf VR has also a rubber clamp that is larger and adjustable. It fits great for iPhone 6 and 6 plus, without obstructing the volume button.

One of the best qualities of this gadget is that it works with more than 500 iOS/Android apps for virtual reality. You need to download apps with 3D video because this headset doesn’t automatically transform images to 3D format. You can also watch 360 degrees videos on YouTube, Google Play, QR code or Apple Store. My suggestion is to download Google Cardboard.

“The VR Headset is amazing. I spent all night downloading apps that are compatible with the VR View and also look up YouTube videos that had 360 views. It brings the video to life and very interactive”, suggests Marjorie on Amazon.

This VR headset features two kinds of mode. If you turn it to the game mode, it becomes a gamepad. The second option is to turn it to the key mode and it will take control over the music and phone camera. This set comes with a VR remote controller that can turn up and down the volume. This is the right VR headset for you if you are looking something multi-functional. Bluetooth selfie, Music, VR, and eBook page controller and wireless mouse are some of the functions featured.

Recommendation Notes

It is recommendable not to push the lens too close to your eyes so that you don’t get uncomfortable. Also, don’t worry if you feel a bit dizzy after the first use, it is normal for some users. That will improve after a time. Additionally, since it has accessible and open sides, you can simply plug in a pair of headphones in the iPhone. Moreover, ensure that the protection film is removed from the lenses and wipe them regularly to get a clear vision. If you still get an unclear image, adjust its quality to HD level.

Virtual reality is something that offers you a unique experience and perception. Playing computer games and watching videos will get a whole new dimension. Without a doubt, this gadget is something that you need to add to your collection. You will get all in one- design, ease of use, fit and technology use.