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Best Kids Tablet Holder | from kitchen table stand to car mount

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Kids, particularly toddlers, love toys especially those that are shiny or ones that glow like the tablet display.

It gets more interesting for them once they realize that they could actually interact with the tablet by pressing some buttons and making gestures on the touchscreen, then before you know it they spend hours with the tablet.

The only problem with toddlers’ little hands is that they have not yet been fully developed to hold stuff firmly and the result of which could have them accidentally dropping the gadget multiple
times over the times that they spend with it.

The solution is to get it out of their hands!

No, I don’t mean to not allow them to use it, but putting the tablet on a tablet holder than can be placed on the floor with a kick-stand or mounted on the wall or the seat of a car.

At least this way your children can convenietly watch their favorite cartoons and other videos without getting their hands and arms tired of holding the device all the time.

Reasons Why You Need a Tablet Holder

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Buying a tablet holder has plenty of benefits, especially if you have kids. Even though the smartphone and the tablet are gadgets that were specifically designed to be hand-held our hands could only function for up to so long before it experiences fatigue – just like all our muscles do.

This is why we talked about synthetic ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam on our previous topic about tablet cases and some of those tablet cases even has a kick-stand feature for hands-free operation!

However, tablet holders can do more than what tablet protectors were made to do and below are some of the benefits of having a tablet holder.

  1. Protection – tablets are built with certain durability, but they are not impervious to all impact forces such as throws, falls and being smashed by something hard or against a hard surface. A tablet holder would offer an ample amount of protection to it aside from the other features included in it.
  2. Convenience – tablet holders were built by and large for convenience of use. If you look at each one from different brands, then you can see that they are either mounted on the wall, or the back of the car’s driver and passenger seats, or they come with a stand where you can erect the device from the ground or any other available surface.
  3. Uninterrupted enjoyment – don’t you just hate it when you are obliged to do something while in the middle of your favorite show or movie? Well, that’s what happens when the tablet is streaming movies and you’ve just let it stand on its own on the floor and allow it to rest on the side of the wall. Eventually, the vibrations from its speakers or the wind will knock it down and you’d have to stop munching on the popcorn and prop it up again, and you’ll probably do it more than once. Whereas if it was mounted on the wall or something, you’d have no problems whatsoever.
  4. Lessen the effort to hold it for a long time – biology says that our hands are designed to be flexible and if you’ll just keep holding the tablet for hours on end, then you’re not really doing any flexing which is defying the natural rhythm of your body. Thus you’ll get tired and either turn off the tablet, miss out on your favorite show and go to sleep, or get a tablet holder and never have to deal with this kind of issues again.

You wouldn’t want your top kids tablet to drop and crack, so here are our top picks for the very best holders:

High Quality Kids Tablet Holder

CTA Digital, Kitchen Tablet Mount Stand

Amazon store and tablet mount stand manufacturer, CTA Digital, has come up with a clever tablet holder design for adults and kids alike!

Built with high quality aluminum steel this tablet holder can be made to stand on its legs over the counter top or mounted on the wall, underside of a cupboard or cabinets in the kitchen.

It has an adjustable neck/arm to help you position the tablet for the best viewing pleasure. Equipped with multiple flexible joints Plus a 360-degree rotating headpiece, this stand covers every Display angle.

This slide-adjust tablet holder holds tablets between 6-8.75 inches in width which means it can accommodate tablets with display sizes from 7 – 13 inches wide. Get it now for only $32.25 on Amazon!

Aibocn Upgraded Multi-Angle Aluminum Stand for Tablets Smartphones

a wooden tablet holder

If you have heard of the phrase, “there is beauty in simplicity,” then the Aibocn multi-angle stand would fit that idea.

The stand design is a simple 2-aluminum slab (one straight and the other curved at the edge to hold electronic gadgets) where you can place your tablet or smartphone over and adjust the angle from 20 – 160 degrees.

The two aluminum flat slabs are connected by a hinge that allows the device to bend and fold within a range of angles to give you the best viewing pleasure from your tablet.

It is compatible with smartphones, tablets and e-readers and is great for watching videos, viewing photos, reading, video recording, photo taking and much more.

Okra Universal Tablet Air Vent Car Mount Holder

If your job or business lets you touring around in your car most of the time, then the Okra air vent mount holder would be helpful in keeping you entertained through those long hours of driving.

This car mount tablet holder has a special design ensures the mount will not damage the air vent, while keeping your iPad secure in place.

The Okra car air vent tablet holder has a 360° rotating swivel on the base of the mounter which will allow you to have either a portrait or landscape viewing.

It has been designed to be easy to use with its side gripping technology and quick release functionality that makes installation very easy and you don’t even need tools to mount your tablet.

The mounter or cradle is very stable even in bumpy roads and will not unhinge your tablet easily, so you can trust it to keep the tablet in place under any road conditions.

You can get the Okra car air vent tablet holder for less than $11 on Amazon.

Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder

Now this is a rather incredible tablet mount holder for your car as it allows for a 360° rotation of the tablet and 180° horizontal panning angles, which allows for the best viewing angle from where you’re seated while in the car.

The Macally tablet holder does not need any tools to set it up in the brackets of your car’s headrest, simply twist the knobs to quickly attach or detach the mount to the headrest posts (2 inches and 7.25 inches wide).

This tool is great for keeping kids at the back of the car entertained for the duration of your trip. Whether you’re picking them up from school, going to the grocery store, or taking them camping in the park you can rest easy knowing they won’t be so rowdy while on the road.

The tablet cradle can be adjusted to fit just about any device (between 4.5 inches to 10 inches wide) and keep it secure at all times.

At $19.99 you’ll get a lot for your money’s worth with this device and it adds value to your daily life as well.

ChargerCity Music Mic Microphone Stand Tablet Mount with 360° Swivel Adjust Holder

It seems that the ChargerCity tablet holder was designed for people who want to record themselves singing or podcasting in front of the tablet and upload the video recording in Instagram, YouTube and other relevant social media sites.

The tablet holder has a tripod stand and may not be suitable for placing it inside a moving vehicle, but rather on stationary places. So if you’ll take this outdoors just be sure to find a flat spot to place it on, then start recording your video.

The ChargerCity Music Microphone Stand Tablet Mount is a universal tablet holder and can handle tablets such as the Apple Ipad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini to Galaxy Tab Pro 12.1 & other tablet brands.

With the microphone stand you can record yourself or someone important that you’d like to interview for your YouTube channel, podcast or Patreon channel.

Since the tablet holder and mic stand are sold individually you may have to spend around $30 to get all of this kit together.

Nbryte, Tablift Tablet Stand

Okay, here is a tablet holder design that’s borderline creepy; however, even though the Nbryte tablet holder looks similar to a giant spider it is quite the useful item you never knew you needed.

The Nbryte tablet holder is designed to be universally mountable with any tablet size that’s available in the market and its flexible legs will not only keep the tablet stable in any surface (even on uneven surfaces), but it also folds neatly for easy storage.

You can use it while sitting down and you place it on top of any flat or uneven surface. You can also use it while lying down in bed and place it over your belly as you lay your head over a stack of pillows to get the perfect viewing angle.

This is a very nifty device that you can get from Amzon for only $40!

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