Nintendo Switch or a real kids’ tablet, which should I buy?

In today’s post we’ll discuss and compare the Nintendo Switch to children’s tablets so you can decide which one is better-suited for your child. It’s mostly a matter of age categories. Younger children will need a tablet that is more tailored for them such as the Storio Max, while older children might want a more […]


What Are Virtual Reality Glasses? Virtual reality glasses are eyewear that works as a display device. These enable the user to view a series of images that are computer generated. Users can interact or respond with these images.It comes in the form of display screens that are worn in the face. These devices project graphical […]

Best Kids Tablet Holder | from kitchen table stand to car mount

Kids, particularly toddlers, love toys especially those that are shiny or ones that glow like the tablet display. It gets more interesting for them once they realize that they could actually interact with the tablet by pressing some buttons and making gestures on the touchscreen, then before you know it they spend hours with the […]

The 5 Best Kids Tablets with WiFi to choose for the best connection

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was an American polymath and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States as he was best remembered, valued knowledge and education more than anything in his life. Sadly though the academic excellence or the enthusiasm to seek it out as […]

Best Tablet for Kids | Top tablets to consider for children in 2019

We have seen the tech world expanding rapidly in the past few years and the expansion process does not seem to stop anytime soon. Because of this, many people are being excited by the introduction of new productive devices and gadgets that are worth exploration. However, we have one gadget, that has become very common […]