Tips on How to Discipline Your Child in Using Tablets and the Internet

Are you sometimes concerned or amazed at how fast your 4-year old child learn stuff? Well, to tell you the truth most parents do! The fact of the matter is that kids even as early as 24 months old are already capable of deductive reasoning much like the Bayesian mathematical probability model. Scientists think that […]

Balanced Lifestyle for Your Kids: Limit Time Spent on Gadgets

We see it all around us day-in and day-out children are becoming more connected with technology as tech companies wants their products to be integrated to people’s lifestyle. Unfortunately, children have more time to allocate to learn about these latest technologies than adults do, and as I’ve mentioned before – they learn faster than us […]

What to Do if your Child has Become Addicted to their Gadgets

“Giving your child a smartphone or a tablet is like giving them a gram of cocaine.”– Mandy Saligari, Harley Street Clinic Director and Addiction Therapist This is rather a very disturbing news coming from someone who has been treating drug addicts for years! Who knew that technology could lead to certain addiction? I mean, this […]

Use these ten ways to make your own tablet child safe

With the rising of technology in the past few years, tablets are almost impossible not to think about in society. Tablets these days have the same aspects as computers and laptops, but they have a much easier use because of their size and the use of a touch screen. Hospitals, schools and companies: the tablets […]

How to Use Parental Controls on an Android Tablet | Use these top tips

As technology continues to grow, many people are now using smartphones and tablets more than ever. Parents who have bought their kids Android tablets should always ensure that they set up parental controls to prevent their kids from accessing inappropriate content. Today, there are various methods that you can use to apply parental controls on […]

5 Ways To Limit The Screen Time Of Your Kids on their tablet

Experts recommend that you should not let your kids have more than 2 hours of screen time every day. However, some kids do spend even more than 8 hours every day staring on one form of a screen or even Virtual Reality screens. Yes, you know that your kids need to have less screen time, […]

9 Tips To Make Your Tablet Child- Friendly

In the last few years, we have experienced massive growth in technology, and as a result, tablets have become an important part of our society. Today, many tablets have the same specifications as laptops and computers, but they are much easier to use, particularly because of their size and usability. From schools to hospitals to […]