How does VR work? How do iPhone virtual reality goggles make you think you’re in an ocean with dolphins swimming around you when you are actually about to fall from the stairs in your house? Sounds amazing, right?

The goal of these goggles is to create what seems a life size, 3D virtual environment without the boundaries we usually associate with TV or computer screens.  Be honest, it’s wonderful to watch 3D movies or play high-octane games in the 360-degree view, isn’t it? So, iPhone virtual reality goggles make your wild dream come alive as vividly as you can ever wish!

Nothing can ever beat the joy of living in a world where everything looks beyond imagination. This advanced technology offers the possibility of making things happen which can’t even be thought of in the real world. It is a fascinating way to travel using nothing more than the power of technology.

We’ve seen a virtual reality explosion over the last few months, and now in 2017, there’s an incredible collection of VR goggles to choose from. VR lets you look around a virtual space as if you’re actually there with the headset and motion tracking. More and more people seem to catch onto the fact that VR is glorious fun. You’re probably wondering which are the best iPhone vr glasses.

Let me tell you, you’re in the right place! We have made a list of the best VR goggles for your iPhone. Endowed with marvelous design, the latest technology, these VR goggles are out to set a new standard. I’m sure you would love to buy all these iPhone virtual reality goggles, so let’s try to choose one which satisfies your taste.

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#1 BlitzWolf BR-VR3

The most recent version of BlitzWolf’s VR goggles combines comfort and function. These iPhone virtual reality goggles offer strong quality and suitable design for wearing. Its new structure will show the immersive 3D virtual reality vision. The front cover is magnetically joined and can be removed to enhance ventilation and keep your device cool.

With available open sides, you can without much effort connect a couple of headphones to your mobile phone. It is also compatible with larger phones since the rubber pads can be adjusted to match your device, in that way, preventing smartphone side buttons being accidentally pressed.

In any case, this is not all. BlitzWolf’s headset additionally comprehends your eyes may not be same, so it contains individual pupil distance and focal distance, too. So you can adjust how far or close the lens is to your individual eyes and cater up to 300 degrees of near blindness. Lenses are upgraded to be more smooth and purified. Each eye can be focused independently.

That, combined with improved soft artificial perforated leather padding around the eye area and upgraded lenses makes the BlitzWolf a perfect choice for iPhone virtual reality goggles.

The only negative thing is you need to download apps with 3D format video or watch panorama videos on YouTube since this VR can’t automatically transform images to 3D format. All video source can be found on Google.

#2 Homido VR Goggles

First, these iPhone virtual reality goggles are comfy to wear and are compatible with larger phones. One of the many advantages of using the Homido is the headset doesn’t allow light to flood into the viewer itself. The screen compatibility is 4” – 5.7”.

The lenses are an essential part of any VR headset, and with Homido you get three unique cones to hold them set up, all made for various focal lengths: far-sighted, near-sighted and ‘normal’ vision.  It’s ideal in light of the fact the Homido can’t be worn with glasses – it’s just too small.

So, if you’re wearing glasses, these would suit you perfectly. The focal points give a 100-degree field of view. Any device with a 5-inch 1080p resolution is recommended, but it’ll work with just about any phone.

Now, you can enjoy immersive 360 games, 3D videos, photos and unique virtual reality experiences. Having the ability to use VR applications without hands on account of the head strap is a blessing, and the foam plot running along within the accessory feels comfortable even during long play sessions.

#3 Goggles Tech C-1 Glass

Experience 3D images and videos on your iPhone.  Made with the plano-convex lens, this is truly a handy device that works best in a 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution. Goggles can function through applications available through Google Play Store. Compatible up to 6 inches displays.

When regards to open-sided headsets, there are many choices. The Goggles Tech C-1 Glass folds up flat, weighs only one ounce, and includes a nice little carrying case. It’s additionally available in a couple of different colors if you don’t like standard black. You can these iPhone virtual reality goggles for $25 on Amazon.

The Google Cardboard QR Code is printed on the left side of the device. At whenever point the virtual reality application requests you to press the button to initiate some function, just press on the screen. Moreover, having full access to the screen implies you can switch applications and videos without removing your phone from its headset. This product provides the ultimate media experience.

Make sure that this product is carefully handled as it is made with glass. The drawback is these iPhone virtual reality goggles are too small to have head straps, and you have to hold them up with your hands. So these aren’t for watching a long movie. On the bright side, since they’re not tightly strapped to your head, you can utilize them with your glasses.

#4 Harbor 3D iPhone Virtual Reality Goggles

Do you want to experience movies anytime and anywhere? Do you want a real racing or shooting bullets in the battlefield in 3D games? Just put on this updated version of the Habor VR Goggles, it immediately will drop you into the action! We all know the blue lights coming from mobile phones can damage our eyes. Habor New Version VR Goggles has a blue coating film, so it reflects the blue light of your iPhone, safeguarding your eyes.

Additionally, the lenses are adjustable and you can slightly adjust the spherical resin lens to get a better experience of watching videos. The viewing angle is between 95 to 100 degrees. Designed to minimize discomfort, this headset ensures a balanced stress condition in three points on the head, reducing the pressure to the eyes, providing a lasting wearing comfort for its users. The leather face is more sanitary, elastic, and comfortable.

Comfortably fits iPhone with a screen size within 4.0 – 6.0 inches. The Habor is an extraordinary mix of the marvelous and the mediocre. It is “not too heavy or bulky. You can be in any position and watch your movie. It fit my head and my son’s head with no problems though. It fits comfortably and no external light gets in, you are literally in your own world there”, according to Nancy M. Carlson’s review on Amazon.


The VR applications that require user input are rendered useless since the headsets don’t have built-in action buttons or bundled Bluetooth controller. This is the only negative side. But, don’t panic, Bluetooth controllers are simple to purchase for around $10.

#5 Tepoinn VR Goggles (VR Shinecon)

Our initial impression was one of a pleasant surprise. The Tepoinn VR headset is well constructed: the dual lenses can be adjusted for focal length,  distance apart and the unit openings comfortably into place on your head, and the build quality is strong. It will easily handle an iPhone since the unit is designed for smartphones ranging from 3.5 to 5.5 inches in length.

These iPhone virtual reality goggles are perfect for playing games and watching 3D videos at anytime and anywhere, whether sitting, lying or standing. But, if you wear glasses you may want to pass on these goggles since it is only clear for normal eyesight and short sighted from 0 degrees to 500 degrees, it is not clear for long sighted.

Helped by the dual-axis adjustment of the lenses it performed well. The goggles are pleasant to wear. They allow getting better view angle and definition according to your own perception by adjusting the distance.

And, if your eyes are in different sight, you can independently adjust to get a suitable view. The headset is fantastic because “the mechanism that holds it in grips the sides and holds your device steady and centered”, according to Chris Ryan’s review on Amazon. And at this moment, the discounted price on Amazon offers excellent value for money.

#6 iDudu iPhone Virtual Reality Goggles

iDudu VR exceeds expectations in giving an astounding 3D experience. These iPhone virtual reality goggles are made of good quality plastic,  ultra-trend and comfortable design which makes it look stylish. This headset has been made of the finest leather material. The adequate nose bridge and face foam protector give the required comfort to wear it for a long time.

You can with little effort adjust pupil and focal distance from 58mm-68mm which offers different visual enjoyment. The best thing is it fits for all smartphones series with screen size from 4.0-6.2 inch. Also, the headset has a built-in headphone. And there are three adjustable straps for flexible wear.

#7 SIDARDOE 3D VR Goggles

Have you ever dreamed of entering your favorite virtual world? You can now explore whatever you want, from sitting in a first row in a sold out concerts to enjoying movies on your own amazingly big screen. You can even communicate and share adventures with other VR users around the whole world.

All this is waiting for you in the SIDARDOE. What makes SIDARDOE 3D VR Gogglesextraordinary is the capacity to give you a chance to cheer 360-degree panoramic pictures and videos. With the optical lenses and focal length adjustment, you can adjust it by your choice.

The design is made to minimize any discomfort and not only adds yet another credit in its cap but additionally, it makes it extremely easy to use. It’s been prepared to upgrade your IMAX time with pure fun.  It functions perfectly with your telephone, and it will allow you to you enter in another 3D world through the optical principle.

#8 ZiKON 3D iPhone Virtual Reality Goggles

Regardless of whether you are searching for the best VR headset for iPhone to give you a chance to watch 3D movies with awesome fun or excellent technology to enable you flavor up your 360-degree viewing, ZiKON 3D VR can be an amazing decision for you.

With the soft leather edges, cozy design, the headset is enormously comfy while wearing. You can remove it with no bother. Also, you have the option to adjust both pupil and focal distance. The positive thing is people with near blindness (less than 600 degrees) can utilize it without wearing glasses. Fits for iPhone with screen size to 6 inches, and the maximum size of the smartphone must be 170x80x12mm.


You want to try them all, right? Well, we tried a bunch of them and can tell you that these 8 iPhone virtual reality goggles are one of the best! To get a sense of the best current choices, we first read customers’ reviews on Amazon, which was helpful, and additionally, we read guides from respected sources and also consider compatibility with the iphone 6 plus models in our research.

In that way, having decided which ones to try, while wearing each headset, we checked how the screen looked, a test of the headset’s lenses and a test of the display of the mobile phone inside. We evaluated for visible pixels and how wide the field of view seemed.

When buying, keep in mind that the performance and graphics of the VR experience itself vary, depending on the resolution of your smartphone. Now, all you have to do is choose which one perfectly suits your current needs!