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Looking for the best kid digital watch? Here are the top picks for you!

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I think I was six years old when I got my first watch. My dad gave it to me on my birthday.

That colorful, faux-leather strapped, digital watch was all I needed at that moment.

Back then, I didn’t realize any difference between wristwatches. They all looked similar to what my parents wore.

So, I was excited to wrap it around my wrist and show it off to my friends.

Unfortunately, the watch broke down a week later, thanks to my insane childhood lifestyle. Nonetheless, from there began my fascination for timepieces.

If your kids have reached a certain age where they can tell time or at least learn to tell time, as a good parent, you should give them their first watch – a digital watch.

You ask “why digital?”

Well, for starters, digital watches are easy to read as compared to analog watches. So, your munchkins won’t have trouble telling time.

Additionally, they come with cool features like light, stopwatch, etc. which might be fascinating for them (I was).

Most importantly, a timepiece will teach them time management from an early age, which is the most needed in this era.

With that begin said, I have written this post to help all the parents out there find the best kid digital watch for their children.

I have outlined a list of watches that I have checked and used personally, and with my nephews as well. So, this is going to be a completely personal review.  Let’s get started!

I’ll show you the top picks real quick in this table, after that I’ll get more into why I chose each of these:

Kids digital watch Images
Best kids digital watch with activity tracker: Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 Best kids digital watch with activity tracker

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Best styling: Pokemon kids digital watch Pokemon kds digital watch

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Best digital sports watch for kids: IP67 Waterproof Best digital sports watch for kids: IP67 Waterproof

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Best digital watch for boys: CakCity Camouflage Cakcity digital watch for boys

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Best digital watch for girls: Soky Pink Best digital watch for girls soky pink

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Most versatile digital watch for kids: Kidper Most verstaile digital watch for kids Kidper

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Most colorful kids digital watch: Cofuo Cofuo rounds kids digital watch

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Best kid digital watches reviewed

Let’s take a closer look into each of these:

Best kids digital watch with activity tracker: Garmin Vivofit Jr 2

Turning our head towards a bit of a pricey model, the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 is one of the coolest digital watches for kids.

This is an awesome watch that is arguably a better alternative than Fitbit Ace, particularly for the younger ones.

This Star Wars-themed digital watch boasts a very clever and cool design. This watch is as techy as its senior counterparts while being kid-friendly.

Best kids digital watch with activity tracker

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The watch comes with a plethora of features. It functions mostly like an activity tracker.

It comes with an app that you can install on your tablet or smartphone and track your child’s activities.

Based on the physical work your children are putting in, you can manage their play, study, and sleep time.

The watch is completely waterproof and can easily handle the daily wear and tear.

The bands comfortably wrap around the wrist and your kid can wear it even during sleep. This allows you to monitor their sleep.

Some of the most amazing features of Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 include a customizable color screen, chore management, 1+ year battery life, periodically syncs with mobile apps and more.

I will recommend this digital watch for your children if they are living a sedentary lifestyle.

This watch can help you keep track of their activities so that you can schedule their activities accordingly.

Moreover, your kids will find this digital watch cool due to its built and Star Wars-themed design.

What did I like about it the most?

  • The watch incorporates a state-of-the-art design that your kids will love
  • Acts as an activity tracker as well as a digital watch
  • This watch can help parents to bring their children in routine and follow it permanently
  • It is water-resistant as well

What I didn’t like

One of my nephews said that he can’t see anything on the screen. When I looked into it, it realized that the screen in not very bright.

Moreover, the silicone band is quite irritating. My nephew had rashes on his wrist. I don’t know what caused it.

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Best styling: Pokemon kids digital watch

Telling time requires basic math skills. Analog watches are just overwhelming in the beginning.

Your child can confuse between minute-hand, hour-hand, and seconds-hand. So your child needs something as simple as possible if he/she is just getting started.

Pokemon kds digital watch

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This Pokemon-themed digital watch for kids is an ideal starter watch. It only displays hours and minutes, making it easier for your kid to tell the time – they just have to read the numbers.

The best part, for the love of cartoons, this watch will keep them engaged. There are no complex settings or functionalities that kids may find over-the-top.

One aspect that will make your kid wear this watch is its flashing LED lights.

This Pokemon-themed digital watch comes with a cool light show that can be activated with a push of a button.

This can come in handy when your kids engaged in role-playing games hunting monsters.

It is just a basic digital watch, so it comes at a cheap price. Plus, it is non-toxic and safe so you can rest assured that your kids are safe from any toxic harm.

I gave this watch to my nephews and they haven’t yet removed it from their wrists. It is so cool to watch them play around with the watch.

The comfortable and adjustable strap feels easy on the wrist and it fits most wrist sizes.

What did I like about it the most?

  • Simple design – your kids can easily tell time
  • Engaging LED light show makes time-telling easy during the night
  • It is cartoon themed, children love cartoons
  • Comfortable and easy to buckle strap – your kids won’t need any help
  • Available in three color variants

What I didn’t like

For starters, it is not water-resistant. So, you may want to warn your kids about it. Moreover, it is fragile – the watch may wear down easily.

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Best digital sports watch for kids: IP67 Waterproof

If your kids are outdoor-loving people who love to play in the mud, rain and get all dirty while enjoying the activity, it is best to present them with the Dreamingbox Sports Digital Watch.

It is not only crash-proof but weatherproof as well.

Best digital sports watch for kids: IP67 Waterproof

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When I first tested this product, I was captivated by its design and display. You will love the big digital display with a large dial and EL night-light.

The numbers appear incredibly large, which makes the watch easily accessible to tell the time in dark environments.

This should be your watch of choice for your kids as it can help them develop good habits.

It is a fashionable, multi-function kids digital watch that incorporates features like hour-minute, date, stopwatch, alarm clock, calendar, and more.

All this can make reading time and learning to read time digitally more fun. It can help your kids to be punctual and teach them time management.

The design, features, and looks, everything is so perfect that one may confuse it for an adult’s watch. It is so cool.

The watch is made of soft PU material that offers longevity and elasticity while keeping your kids’ skin unharmed and safe.

Moreover, the stainless steel strap buckles are intelligently designed to ensure customization and comfort.

When I came to know that the Dreamingbox Sports Digital Watch incorporates the original Japanese digital movement, it swept me off my feet.

Now I want one!  I would suggest this digital watch for kids over 10 years old. It will be amazing.

What did I like about it the most?

  • It boasts an amazing design
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It has a multitude of features that your kids will love
  • Offers comfort even when worn for prolonged hours

What I didn’t like

As good as this watch looks with all the features, I would not recommend this watch for kids who are still struggling to learn numbers and short-forms.

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Best digital watch for boys: CakCity Camouflage

If your kids have a thing for military and stuff and love playing make-believe military operation games with their friends, then this digital watch would be a great addition to their arsenal.

Your kids will fall in love with its camouflage look. This is all they need to drop that tablet or smartphone, whatever they are into 24/7 and step outside.

Don’t just go for the looks, its features are also military-specific.

Cakcity digital watch for boys

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For starters, this military wristwatch is water-resistant up to 50 meters. The large numbers and dial with EL light show time clearly even in the dark.

The additional features include alarm clock, calendar, and shock-resistant. It is really an everyday watch that’s a perfect fit for all kinds of activities, sports, etc.

There are different kinds of kid’s digital watches available but when we talk about military and camouflage, boys have a different emotion attached to it.

So, if you are looking for a present or want to surprise your son or someone you love with a gift, this military camouflage watch is the perfect fit.

What did I like about it the most?

  • The design is the first thing that comes to my mind when I talk about this watch
  • Large display backed by EL light makes things better
  • The watch is shockproof and waterproof, ideal for a kid’s daily lifestyle
  • Highly fashionable – if you don’t like the military green camouflage, you can opt from 8 different color variants

What I didn’t like

One of my nephews accidentally pressed the buttons of the watch under the water when playing in the kid’s pool and now it isn’t working properly.

Waterproofing is not that apt.

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Best digital watch for girls: Soky Pink

Girls are more responsible than boys. Whether it is doing homework or listening to parents or anything else, girls are always punctual than boys.

So, for the princess in your house who loves to keep a note of time presenting her with a digital watch will help her increase her productivity and always stay on top.

Best digital watch for girls soky pink

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The Soky Digital Sports Watch is designed for girls who love the adventure of life.

Whether she loves swimming or any other outdoor activity, this watch from Soky is a great companion that will keep her active all the time.

It is made of soft PU material that offers long-lasting durability and keeps your child’s skin free of any irritation.

In addition to that, the watch is incorporated with adjustable straps with a stainless steel buckle that ensures comfort and customization.

Your girl can play, exercise, or carry on with her activities without restraint.

When it comes to precision timekeeping, this is the best kid digital watch that offers original electronic movement and digital display.

This dictates accurate and precise timekeeping. The watch will always tell you the accurate time.

The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters and is crash-proof, even underwater. On top of that, the watch boasts a hardened resin glass screen to protect it from daily wear and tear.

Why your kid will love this digital watch is because of its multi-functionality feature.

It features a daily alarm, calendar, hour-minute, date, stopwatch, and colorful LED backlight, among other attributes.

What did I like about it the most?

  • The watch is available in different color options and designs
  • It is completely shockproof and waterproof, making it a great multi-purpose watch
  • There are multiple functionalities such as LED backlight, stopwatch, daily alarm, etc.

What I didn’t like

The color on the strap and the rest of the body tend to fade away quite easily. This influences the look of the timepiece.

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Most versatile digital watch for kids: Kidper

When it comes to digital watches for kids, always go with the model that boasts a large screen so that the numbers are clearly visible.

Since kids are still learning numbers, it becomes hard for them to read the time. Kidper Digital Sport Watch is designed keeping in mind this aspect.

Most verstaile digital watch for kids Kidper

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The Kidper Digital Sport Watch is a multi-functional watch that comes equipped with LED backlight, alarm, stopwatch, timer, and more.

The watch is completely water-resistant that means your child can take it during his/her swimming classes, during surfing, kid pool parties, and even during rain.

Moreover, it incorporates a hard resin protective glass screen, which can handle daily light scratches.

Now coming to the comfort aspect, this digital watch sports soft black silicone rubber strap that gives extra flexibility and is supported by a durable rubber case and stainless steel back.

All this ensures a comfortable user experience.

Overall, I would recommend this watch to all elementary age kids. It has a nice design and is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use.

What did I like about it the most?

  • It is a comfortable sports watch for kids with a large display. Your kids will be able to
    easily read time
  • The watch comes with all the necessary protection, from water-repellent feature to
    scratch repellent feature. Moreover, the strap provides extra flexibility so that it
    comfortably wraps around the wrist
  • The watch is quite interactive. My nephews were pushing the buttons all day long,
    setting the timer, alarm, and whatnot

What I didn’t like

The dial is quite bigger than I thought. It looks so big and odd on tiny wrists. It’s a mood killer when you see it in actuality.

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Most colorful kids digital watch: Cofuo

We are now moving to a slight design change. Most of the kids’ digital watches I have discussed boast the typical sports watch design.

However, this digital watch from Cofuo is totally different.

The manufacturer has gone for style more than the sporty look. For starters, you will
be amazed to see its completely circular dial.

It has a neat design with not many awkward spaces. This allows your kid to see the time clearly.

Cofuo rounds kids digital watch

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This is a highly fashionable model that works as a sports watch as well.

The large circular dial allows for a clear display of numbers, and thanks to the LED backlight, the watch becomes even more functioning when used at night.

The best part, this timepiece from Cofuo incorporates the original Japanese movement. Thus, it provides an accurate and precise timekeeping for kids.

Also, the watch screen is made of high transparency resin glass, which makes it super easy to read the time.

One of the things I liked about the glass is it is extremely hard and pressure tolerant.

So, if you have one hyperactive kid at home, you don’t have to worry about changing watch screens every day.

This is because the glass is sealed using a high-frequency machine that prevents it from any damage.

Most importantly, the watch is waterproof up to 50 meters.

So, your kids can perform hand wash, swimming, surfing, water balloon fights, go to kid pool parties, and more without worrying about damaging the watch.

Last but not least, this model incorporates a silicone rubber wrist band with a sporty design that makes it comfortable to wear.

What’s more, is that this vibrant design of a wrist band will lead your kids to the edge of fashion.

What did I like about it the most?

  • It has a unique design for a digital watch, which is quite impressive for a kid’s watch
  • This watch is waterproof for daily use. You kid can wear it while washing hands,
    showering, or even swimming
  • One of the key attributes of this kid’s watch model is a highly transparent top-quality resin glass face. It offers a clear digital dial with scratch-proof features
  • I really liked the silicone rubber watch band due to its soft texture and comfortable
    wrapping around the wrist

What I didn’t like

While the watch is all good but since the glass is not curved, it exposes the watch to easily get damaged during prolonged usage in the water.

So, I would not recommend diving with the watch.

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Buying Guide – What you need to know before buying your kids a digital watch

Buying a digital watch for kids requires a different approach than what we consider for

While certain things remain the same as the quality and features, etc., you need to understand that kids are still learning to read numbers.

So, if you hand them over a complex looking timepiece, they will spend half their time figuring it out.

The goal is to keep things simple for your kids, especially if this is the first time they will be using a wristwatch.

With that in mind, I have prepared the following section that will help you understand the things you need to consider before buying your kid’s digital timepiece.

The digital watches that I have mentioned in this post all have these common factors:


As I said earlier, most kids can’t read time properly without help. So, you can forget to bring in an analog watch for your kids.

It is better to teach them about the hands and all using your wall clock.

The digital clock fits best to train them on how to spell out the time.

Now, there are
different varieties of digital watches for kids available and you need to choose one that offers high readability.

The numbers must be readable even in the dark, so choose accordingly. And avoid those chronograph watches if you can.

They are a mix of analog and digital watches. Thus, it will only confuse your child.


Since we are talking about kids, the majority of them are hyperactive. So don’t hand over them something that’s fragile.

The digital watch you choose for your kid must be highly durable. Your children are still at the learning stage, so they will care less about stuff.

From washing hands to jumping into the kid pool, and more, the watch you choose must be designed to tolerate such instances.

So, make sure that the digital watch you choose is waterproof and scratchproof. On top of that, consider the built of the timepiece as well.


This is totally up to you to determine whether your child will be able to process all the features of his/her digital watch or will be overwhelmed to see so many features.

If your kid is at a learning stage, go with a watch that only displays the time. However, if your kid of over seven, you can try watches with features like LED backlight, alarm, timer, stopwatch, etc.


Before I get to it, I need to tell you that kids act their age. So, before eyeing an expensive watch, you need to determine whether it is worth it or not.

Of course, you would want to give your children the best, but it is smart to let them have a handle on how to operate a watch.

With that said, I would recommend that you should not spend more than $50 on your kid’s digital watch.

You will find some amazing models under this price, seven of which I have already mentioned.


That’s it, it is my ultimate buying guide cum product review for best kid digital watch. The products I have mentioned in this article are after thorough research.

So this is more of a personal review than a generic review.

You can find similar products or even the best ones online if you do a little research.

However, if you ask me, I would go with any of these products before handing them a more sophisticated model. The rest is your choice.