Where Do People Buy Their Tablets in South Africa

Let’s admit it, buying a tablet is not as easy as it seems. There are many counterfeit tablets in the country and the few genuine vendors don’t offer pocket friendly tablets. This means that buyers have to be extra careful when buying quality tablets as well as avoiding being ripped apart by vendors.

None the less, there are very good tablets out there, like the ones from our review of the best tablets for this year which are competitively priced. But where can I get such, you ask? Well, worry not, this article will give you insights on where to buy tablets in South Africa. So, without much ado, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Price Check

With online shopping being the new order of the day, pricecheck.za has crafted a name for themselves by offering a wide range of products, tablets being one of them. The site is pretty easy to use and the vendor has done well to provide customers with as much information as possible. Price check has an updated search tool mechanism that allows customers to search for a product very easily.


Next up is shopmania an online platform that allows customers to shop a wide range of products from home appliances to clothing to toys. Shopmania has devised their platform to suit customer needs and they have a search bar that helps customers to easily locate their products. The site is easy to navigate and they offer free shipping for the clients.


As the name suggests, this platform is set up to help customers shop as much as they would like. The site has focused mainly on computers and their accessories and they have gone to great lengths to ensure that they provide as much information as possible for their products. They have also ranked their products according to prices making it
easier for clients to choose a product from their desired price range. This makes it easier for clients as well as saving them time. When it comes to payments, the vendor has several ways in which clients can pay top among them being; eBucks, Discovery Miles, COD, Mobicred, debit/credit cards among others. The vendor offers free shipping but a customer has to order goods worth R 450 and above to warrant this offer.

illustration of an online shopping


This international giant seems to be making a name for itself in South Africa and customers are flocking the site in their thousands to search for various products. eBay has crafted a name for itself when it comes to online shopping and the same experience given to people in other parts of the globe can also be experienced is S.A. The best
thing with eBay is, they have broken down to the very last description of a product and customers get to know the very last detail of a product. eBay also offers clients shipping services and customers can be assured of getting the very best tablets from some of the world’s biggest providers.

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Bid of buy is another online shopping platform that vendors can visit to buy a tablet. The vendor has stocked the platform with an array of products giving customers the freedom to choose the product they want and at the right price. Even though their search tools are not as advanced as other platforms. Bid or buy has given customers an easy time by categorizing their products into well thought of groups. The vendor also offers customers great offers and discounts with the most popular one being the one dubbed “deals of the week.” Customers should be on the look out since they can get a tablet of their choice at a throw away price.

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Well, this list could not have been complete without America’s online shopping giant, Amazon. Even though there is no specific South African amazon site, the site continues to be among the top sites people are visiting to buy tablets. The site boosts of having products in their thousands to choose from. They also have excellent searching tools
making it easy to select your tablet of choice without having to through hundreds of them before getting to your preferred choice. You might as well go for Amazon.co.uk which offers good discounts for international shipping’s for selected destinations.


samsung tab

Where best to buy a tablet than from one of the world’s best gadget manufacturers? With Samsung, you are guaranteed of getting quality tablets that have genuine warranties. Looking at their site, it is well stocked with a wide range of tablets spoiling customers with choices. You can buy the tablet of your choice and have it shipped to you, or if you are in Cape Town, you can visit their store in Waterfront.

Parting Shot

There you go, the above places are good platforms that you can buy your tablets from. I have to admit that the list is in no particular order and you can choose any one of them. Most of these sites have strong security features meaning you purchase is safe and secure. If you were wondering where to buy a tablet there are several places you can get one.

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Virtual reality is very popular in the gaming world today. From the Oculus to the Google cardboard, the technology is amazing. However, the lack of content in the virtual reality world becomes the struggle.

Virtual reality applications are usually available for most Android users. The highly rated Elegiant VR 3D glasses with remote control provide a new experience to the virtual reality world. It is a Google cardboard device. The device works by placing your phone inside, and the applications appear in 3D. A point to note is that the device contains no virtual reality assisted technology. Your phone does all the work after placing it in. You can control your phone using the wireless Bluetooth remote or opt to go without.

This device is affordable and can work with most Android devices.

Remote functionality

The remote controller for the device is a wireless Bluetooth and gamepad controller. The remote controls your Android device works while in the headset. It works to control music, videos, and games among others. The remote accomplishes this through its different modes that control the device. For example, the mouse mode, the video mode, music mode, game mode, the selfie control mode, and the 360-degree rocker mode. It becomes easier to switch in between movies and music as well as games using the remote. The headset maintains the functionality of providing a cinematic virtual reality experience

Headset design


The Elegiant VR 3D headset comes with large openings on either side. You can, therefore, run wired headset out or even connect your charger. According to the device manual, the openings enable you to charge your phone and allow it to vent. It has a closing clip that is magnetic for a secure closing of the headset. The headset can also handle weight. The iPhone 6 Plus, for example, can be easily attached to the headset with feeling any discomfort when you wear it.

The overall design of the headset will only work with devices with screen sizes ranging from 4.7-5.9 inches.

The limitation of the design is that it will not block entirely outside light. Some will leak through the nose area. Being in a dark environment is the only way of solving this problem. The appearance of wearing the headset is also goofy.

Is the Elegiant 3D VR glass worth it?

The headset is light and comfortable. It is also durable and the pricing affordable hence a favourable choice when shopping around. The lenses are clear with limited distortions. The straps hold the glass securely and are comfortable. There are also various slots on the sides for headphones and USB cables. Lastly, the general feeling when wearing them is comfortable.

A restricting feature associated with the device is the leaking of light when wearing it. There is also a possibility of pressing random buttons when placing your device in the headset. It does not also have exciting new content.

In general, the packaging is commendable and comes with a manual and a cleaning cloth for the headset. The buttons are stiff to feel and do not flex because they are built in well.

Things to note about the device

The headset device should only be used for not more than thirty minutes. Prolonged usage might cause motion sickness from some of the applications. If you are usually not sensitive to movements or your stomach does not experience queasiness often, using the headset will not be much of a problem. Therefore, whether you are trying to find the most rewarding experience, that which looks realistic, be it mobile gaming, playing music, watching 3D movies or only experiencing virtual reality to its fullness, the Elegiant 3D VR Glass headset with remote control is the device of choice.


It’s a surprise that the Leelbox 3D VR goggles are of great design considering its pocket-friendly price. Better yet, there is still room for upgrading especially with the way it grasps the phone. It is built with a silvered grey and black scheme that is rather simple but still stylish. You can easily tune the lens width and the screen distance through three control knobs located at the midsection of the Leelbox all-round VR goggles. Moving further back, it has an elegant looking face opening that is padded with what looks like leather of some sorts. It is well stitched making it as comfortable as it can possibly be.

The strapping is relatively wide and elastic allowing it to comfortably fit. This prevents soreness that is caused by pressure. On the back front, the detachable cover provides more ventilation (I do not prefer it to the double contour slots on each side of the cover in front available for charging). The cutouts given may not fit your camera. You may cut out some of the excess plastic to the size you need.

If you’re that person that loves your goggles to always be inserted on the device, it is important to know that when you insert your goggles you cannot touch the screen. You will also notice that the goggles are unique in the market since they do not provide options for input.


It has a pretty strong construction. It is made of components that look like those plastics you find on TV remote controls or Blue ray players. You should however avoid dropping them since they have a large, unsupported surface that may crack.  The good news is you can use super glue to stick the broken pieces back together. You should however take good care of your goggle since they are not built to be dropped on hard surfaces. The cover of your phone is always closed with a magnetic strap. This ensures that the phone is always intact and retained.

General information

It is ecologically built on optical resin lenses and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene that feature an elegant design. It has a 3D VR helmet that offers a sensational virtual reality view for games and movies. You can also have long hours of fun because of the ventilation and the double adjustment capability.


This is the new model 3D VR helmet that supports both iOS and androids. It allows you to enjoy big screen effects on 3D and gives you an experience that you will otherwise only find in cinemas.  It also gives you an exceptional experience of 3D games which you can play with it.

  • Leelbox VR DESIGN.

There are comfortable and soft leather around the edges of the face mask.  There are also soft straps of leather that you can adjust and put on your face. if you correctly adjust them, you will not feel any soreness or weight.

  • Leelbox VR FUNCTION

They are probably the HD resin lenses that give you the best 3D view. You can personalize IMAX and enjoy it at home. You do not necessarily have to wear glasses because of the 600 degrees myopia adjustable PD and FD.

  • Leelbox VR CHARGING WAY.

You can charge while you are using it. The cover on the front has magnet that makes it easy to detach and keeps the phone cool as you charge it.

  • Leelbox VR OFFERING.

It accommodates large screens that will give you a good feeling. 3.5 to 6.0 inches phones can easily fit.

How to Use it

  1. You can search the CARDBOARD on Google play and use them together.
  2. You can view 3d videos with the 3D VR glasses by just downloading the videos to the phone.
  3. If you have an iPhone, you can go to the App Store and download Cardboard.

Minor cons

There are two minor issues about the device that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

First, to change the screen back and forth, but only from up, it uses the system of pinion and rack style. There are two guide pins that are not supported on the bottom. When you look up or down, they allow minor and noticeable angular contortion. If it were possible the designer could revise the system to stabilize it with (for instance) the scissor mechanism.

The second observation is the way the device holds your phone. On the top section of the cradle, there are two grabbers fixed with springs both with very little protrusions allowed to retain the phone. On the bottom, there are no protrusions. There are only two pads that will always retain the phone as long as it is upright. If it is possible, the designer could revise this and improve by including protrusions to retain the phone at the bottom.


The price and simplicity of this viewer is superb. It works incredibly well and you cannot go wrong.


The launch of Sony’s PlayStation VR is another huge milestone in the world of virtual reality. Virtual reality is the future of the gaming world and it has shifted its focus to beastly gaming PCs in recent times.

To make it even better, Sony’s PlayStation VR is relatively affordable considering the life that it pumps into the virtual reality experience. You only require a PS4 console to play the PSVR and get a first-hand experience of virtual reality to another level. PSVR is so advanced it sends a shiver across its computing competitors.

However, even the most advanced technologies have their flaws and PSVR is no different. The primary limitation that comes with PSVR is the fact that you will be required to get yourself a PlayStation Camera if you don’t have it already. You will then look for PlayStation Move Controllers to maximize the fun that is the gaming experience. However, you will eventually come to the realization that all these extra accessories that come with PSVR only make the game better and they are actually worth it.

A group of game fanatics decided to take PSVR to the test and see how good it really is. The experiment involved selecting a few of top games and then playing them as they compared each game’s experience with that of PSVR. The results of this experiment only proved one point; PlayStation VR is on top of the gaming world and there is no doubt about that.

The comfiest VR headset yet

Sony was definitely out there to prove a point when they built a headset that is specifically built for VR while prioritizing the needs of the customer. It is has a classy look and it is durable enough to stand a few drops or bashing.

The headsets are a little too solid compared to others that use more elastic materials. Nevertheless, the solidness is tough and reassuring in a way and it can still be adjusted to fit. Unlike most headsets that require to be adjusted to fit only after the face plate is popped up, VR headsets come with a button that enables you to move the eyepiece after you adjust it to fit. It is important that you make sure that the eyepiece and the whole headset is as tight as possible since the visual clarity relies on it. This can also be made possible just by clicking a dial that is placed at the back for tightening the whole piece.

Another good thing about these headsets is the rubber surrounding outside the visor which blocks ambient light better than the foam clips that are found in the other headsets. It is also possible to keep your glasses on while using the Sony PS VR.

PSVR headphones also come with a number of other extras that you would otherwise not find in other headsets. A good example is there is an inline remote with a number of control buttons somewhere on the cable for volume, toggling and powering it on or off. The remote has a jack that enables you to use it not only on the Sony’s headset but any other compatible headset. It is possible to pair wireless headsets with the PSVR but you will need to connect it direct using the jack if you want to enjoy the audio. Who would not want that?

How the Sony PlayStation VR works

Just like any other virtual reality game in the market, the Sony PS VR has the big task of keeping you glued to your video game by simultaneously producing two images which it sends to a headset a meter or two away. However, Sony PS VR only requires the PlayStation 4’s built-in GPU to deliver a great gaming experience unlike the other competitors who must use expensive graphic cards to achieve this.

This is made possible by the fact that the PlayStation Camera is able to keep track of the lights on either the DualShock 4 or Move Controllers, depending on the particular video game you are enjoying, and nine different points of light on the headset.

It is amazing how a single camera can accurately keep track of what is happening in the game. It is however common for the camera to lose track of the controller once in a while. That said, it is important to keep in mind that it is possible for the PlayStation VR to lose track of you a lot if you keep moving around the room while playing. This is simply because of the fact that it relies on only one camera unlike the HTC live which comes with true room-scale VR. You can decide to walk around the room while playing your favorite video game but be prepared for warnings from the system that you are too far. On that note, it is recommended that you stay stationery when using the PlayStation VR to get the best out of it.


You will have to part with $399 if you want to get yourself the basic Sony PlayStation VR package that only comes with the PS VR system, cabling and headphones. A PlayStation VR Launch Bundle which contains the PlayStation VR system, PS Camera, two PS Move Motion Controllers and a copy of PS VR Worlds goes for $499. Both packages include the PS VR demo disc to help you get well acquainted with the system.

Whichever package you chose to get, Sony PS VR is worth every penny considering the revolutionary features that it comes with.


Even though it is clear that the Sony PlayStation VR is a leader in the gaming world, it is still out of reach to many a people who would love to get a taste of the world-class gaming experience that it brings. This is mainly because it is considered to be expensive to the ordinary man and it is still not readily available in all the gaming stores.

However, if you are able to get your hands on this game changing PS, do not hesitate since it will surely blow you away.


Even if Samsung Gear VR was going for a market price of $ 199 which is double its normal price of $99, it could still be the coolest recommendation for purchase in the market right now.

Even if you wait for HTC vive, The PlayStation VR or for Oculus, the Samsung VR is way too unique. It only takes you seconds to set it up and more importantly, it has games, short films and TV shows that you can watch in real time.

The Samsung Gear VR has zero competition and therefore it is very hard to test. Below are any noticeable faults in detail, but remember it is really fun after all.

What’s it like?

If we make an assumption that you have never tried the Samsung Gear VR or if you have only tried a 2 minutes Samsung store or you only put a DIY cardboard to your face.

You can actually wear a Samsung Gear VR since you theoretically use it to strap your head and enclose your eyes. The Gear VR can tell how you tilt or move your head such that your vision on the VR varies as you move your head side to side, up and down or as you entirely swivel. You easily control the UI and other apps by simply gazing, touching or by tapping the touchpad. You can also use a Bluetooth controller to control the UI. If you want a better experience, you can play on the swivel chair or stand often.

Design tweaks

In appearance, the new Samsung Gear VR looks almost the same as the headset of the last year.  However, there are some remarkable differences; the space inside the headset and the newly introduced vents on the sides are the most important difference noted.

The new Gear VR is now entirely a black plastic and has an Oculus home button on top of the track pad just next to the ‘back’ button. You may need to get used it, you will find it so handy. You will find the new track pad smooth and unlike the old model has no arrow indents. You can also opt for a Bluetooth gamepad, it is even recommended.

Fascia is meant to be put in when there is no phone using the headset. This is unlike the previous design. You are also most likely to notice a thin plastic between 2 lenses at the sides of your phone’s display. You can easily adjust the straps and leave the focus wheel on the top since the straps are always looking identical.

The new Gear VR is also a little bigger and larger on the front than older model. This makes it also slightly heavier. This is designed to help accommodate large Samsung galaxy phones. You can hardly notice these differenced though.


Samsung Gear VR (2016): VR experience

Your real experience of using the Samsung Gear VR depends on the type of smart phone you are using. The type of phone you have however does not matter for you to notice the improvements on the headset. But for Samsung, the viewing has been enlarged to 101 degrees from the initial 96 degrees. It s color is also now darker to reduce reflection and glare.

You will also particularly like the field of view of the new Gear VR as it puts it on the same level with Vive and Rift on spec. even though the two have tint, this is no big deal at all because to be frank, when considering mobile VRs, Samsung Gear VR is still the best.

USB-C friendly

Another notable characteristic of the new model Gear VR is the type C USB adaptor. This means you can plug in Samsung’s newest phone model in unlike in Oculus and others, where you change the model with the phone due to compatibility.

This means that if you own Samsung S7 or S7 Edge, you will also enjoy the newly improved action. You can merely swap the USB C adaptor by an old Micro-USB model.

Doing this is simple, there is a little module that pops on the compartment in front, and you can slide until it fits the size of the phone. Be careful with the adaptors.

The following is a list of compatible Samsung phones:

  • Galaxy Note 7
  • Samsung S7
  • Samsung S7 Edge
  • Samsung Note 5
  • Samsung S6
  • Samsung S6 Edge
  • Samsung S6 Edge+


We are all well aware that the digital generation has taken a great step further.  A VR headset is a phenomenon that will allow you to make an optimum use of the modern technology, bringing you ultimate joy in the virtual reality. You will find yourself in the galaxy while sitting at your dining table. Exciting, isn’t it? The VR revolution is still in progress and now, you can be involved in it even if you own an iPhone. Mobile VR headsets offer a premium experience on a budget, unlike the expensive sets. The sensors of mobile VR headset rely on the phone to provide sensors, display, and brains of the gadget. The headset provides VR lenses and, at the same time, holds the iPhone.

By purchasing the right VR headset you will dive into the whole new world of virtual reality. Most of the mobile phone VR headsets are made of a plastic case and contain a pair of lenses. You need to choose wisely and to purchase value for money. In addition, we offer you the best VR headset for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

VR Headset with Remote Controller BlitzWolf Goggles 3D Glasses Virtual Reality

If you want to watch the best Hollywood movies or play an immersive video game anywhere and having the best 3D, 360 degrees home cinema experience, this is the right gadget for you. You can also revive your memories by watching panoramic pictures and go back on the scene. Or, you can connect virtually using the social networking platform that will meet all your social, long-distance needs.

This is the latest version of VR designed to comfortable suit you when wearing it. The precision of the parts and the assembly process ensure high quality and perfect virtual experience.  After 130 anti-throw experiments and 72 hours high-temperature experiment, this headset comes with a brand new structure that shows the hypnotic 3D virtual reality vision.

This product will meet all your needs because it comes with lenses upgraded to be even more refined. The headset has 42mm Mitsubishi aspheric FOV108 lenses and a nano-coating of 8 layers that reduces 90% of phone’s radiations. The anti-radiation lenses also block the electromagnetic radiation without vision side effects. They have also a high strength that makes them resistant to breakage. The anti-reflection lens uses refractive optical materials and vacuum, ion plated refining that reduce the excess reflected light from the lens, thus increasing the light absorbance up to 98%. Additionally, the anti-blue light reduces the harmful blue lights, protecting the eyesight. The five-time polished and adjustable leather head strap brings you comfort even after wearing it for hours.


This headset has also an adjustable 55-65mm pupil and +/- 5mm focal distance instead of setting them only to one distance. Also, it can support up to 500 degrees of short-sightedness, by focusing each eye separately, making it possible to use it without glasses.

It is “lightweight, no issues with extended wear, comfortable on the face/nose, easily adjustable headgear, expandable clip to hold the phone in place with adjustable “bumpers” that slide so they don’t press volume buttons”, according to D. Sabo’s review on Amazon.

The front cover is attached magnetically and can be removed very easy in order to keep the device cooled down, by improving the ventilation. If a certain app uses the iPhone camera, you can remove the cover to give camera visibility BlitzWolf VR has also a rubber clamp that is larger and adjustable. It fits great for iPhone 6 and 6 plus, without obstructing the volume button.

One of the best qualities of this gadget is that it works with more than 500 iOS/Android apps for virtual reality. You need to download apps with 3D video because this headset doesn’t automatically transform images to 3D format. You can also watch 360 degrees videos on YouTube, Google Play, QR code or Apple Store. My suggestion is to download Google Cardboard.

“The VR Headset is amazing. I spent all night downloading apps that are compatible with the VR View and also look up YouTube videos that had 360 views. It brings the video to life and very interactive”, suggests Marjorie on Amazon.

This VR headset features two kinds of mode. If you turn it to the game mode, it becomes a gamepad. The second option is to turn it to the key mode and it will take control over the music and phone camera. This set comes with a VR remote controller that can turn up and down the volume. This is the right VR headset for you if you are looking something multi-functional. Bluetooth selfie, Music, VR, and eBook page controller and wireless mouse are some of the functions featured.

Recommendation Notes

It is recommendable not to push the lens too close to your eyes so that you don’t get uncomfortable. Also, don’t worry if you feel a bit dizzy after the first use, it is normal for some users. That will improve after a time. Additionally, since it has accessible and open sides, you can simply plug in a pair of headphones in the iPhone. Moreover, ensure that the protection film is removed from the lenses and wipe them regularly to get a clear vision. If you still get an unclear image, adjust its quality to HD level.

Virtual reality is something that offers you a unique experience and perception. Playing computer games and watching videos will get a whole new dimension. Without a doubt, this gadget is something that you need to add to your collection. You will get all in one- design, ease of use, fit and technology use.


Virtual reality age is an age that keeps changing, with a broad range of devices and software launched in the period of 2016 and more expected in 2017.

With virtual reality, you dive deep into a virtual dimension. This type of feeling is not available on regular screening. Most virtual reality will make use of 4 of the 5 senses; vision, touch, hearing, and smell. This technological power will transport users to a virtual universe with exciting experiences. The design of your brains perceives the experience to be in 3D, this is made possible by the stereoscopic display. The stereoscopic display operates by relaying two different angles of the virtual space to each eye, and this simulates depth. When this display is used together with others like parallax, the results are outstanding. Furthermore, complementing these with the shading techniques creates a life-like experience. You can even now hook them up to your Tablet for further flexability!

Virtual reality has been in existence for a while in the tech industry. However, the technology has made a great impact in the recent years. For example, Google cardboard has opened opportunities to users with Android devices, and the potential of the HTC vive demonstrated that the presence of electricity has improved the existence of the life-like virtual experience making it exciting. All the big companies in the virtual reality industry have either launched or about to launch their virtual reality platforms. However, the question remains whether virtual reality will be here for good and remain relevant. The power of technology has become more evident in virtual reality. A simple headset and motion-tracking device can give a view of the experience of a virtual space as if you exist there; this is fascinating.

Being a promising technology, the current years seems to be conforming to the technology. Oculus has gone to launch the customer ready Rift, Vive and HTC have launched the steam-friendly vive. Sony recently launched the virtual reality playstation while Samsung is improving its VR gear and Google is about to launch the waited Daydream platform.

Mobile or tethered VR


Virtual reality headsets are either tethered or mobile. Mobile headsets are gears or shells equipped with lenses where you put your smart device. The lenses work to divide the screen for your eyes making you experience VR on your device. Examples of mobile headsets are; Google Daydream View and Samsung Gear VR. These devices do all the processing, that is, no wire connections required. They are further inexpensive going for less than $100. Despite this, some phones will not provide the best picture because they were not initially designed for virtual reality. Phones are also underpowered as compared to game consoled-based VR or PC. Nevertheless, some cool VR headsets exist. Qualcomm launched a cool device that lets you traverse a virtual space without any sensors or connections installed in your room. This is the Snapdragon 835-powered prototype headset device.

On the other hand, tethered headsets are connected to a PC, a PSVR or a play station. These dedicated displays, together with motion sensors and camera trackers improve the virtual experience. Head tracking and image fidelity are drastically improved. Examples of tethered headsets are; Oculus Rift, play station VR and HTC vive.

How does virtual reality work?

Gaming and entertainment are transformed by new virtual reality developments. The constant craving for virtual reality is the primary reason why consumers find it popular and cannot wait to lay their hands on a new VR device. As a result, virtual reality companies are making huge benefits by investing in virtual reality products and services.

Applications of virtual reality can be found in Healthcare, gaming, deign, education as well as fine arts. However, the ever-dynamic need of consumers is a challenge for the companies when providing a personalized and detailed experience. Consumers are always in search of the entertaining experience.

For customers desiring the immersive experience in the virtual reality world, below are the best six virtual reality googles to check out.

HTC Vive/ Steam VR

This package includes two motion controllers, a headset, and two base stations. The base stations serve to define a “whole room” virtual reality region. A new dimension or space is added which you experience as if you exist there. Other features include; multifunction trackpads having haptic feedbacks.

The HTC vive is the only virtual reality system that can track your movements. The motion controllers are pretty advanced as compared to the play station VR. However, the price tag of $800 is substantial to most users. Furthermore, it consumes a lot of power. For optimal experience, therefore, the HTC recommends a GeForce GTX 970 GPU or Intel Core i5 processor.

Currently, some new features have been added to improve the VR experience. Improved head straps and updated motion sensors are among the new features. Furthermore, there is the Vive Phone Services; these features enable connection to iPhone and Android devices to deliver messages and receive alerts while you are in virtual reality mode. This allows you to spend time in your virtual reality world while at the same time keep in touch with real world.

Courtesy of steam, the HTC Vive is considered the best VR headset on the market. Its refreshing rate and resolution produce a smooth moving image, which is similar to the Oculus Rifts. Through the Vive home VR software, a virtual space is experienced. You can also choose from either; loft setting that is modern or space station (sci-fi) as the background and the projected system. The system is much easier to use than the Steam VR Interface big picture mode.

Google Daydream view

The headset is made of a gray material, with a flat top where your Android device is put. It comes with a single strap, which goes behind the head. The Google Daydream view is only compatible with pixel wireless phones and Google pixels. The new Daydream view VR headset is beautifully designed like the pixels phone and the Google Home Speaker. The device is similar to the Google cardboard. You just put your device on the headset, and it works as the display. The two lenses inside that divide the screen enables this experience. The headset goes for $79

Comparing it with the Google cardboard and the Gear VR, the Daydream view headset comes with a controller. The remote controller is equipped with a menu button, home button and a touch pad. It is also tilt sensitive. Battery life is 12 hours and can be recharged with a USB cable. The software library has a few apps, but you can still find apps that can work with it. It is also not compatible with the cardboard apps. Google are working to develop the product to be compatible with more phones in the future.

Activation of the headset is simple. Select the Daydream app on your pixel phone put the phone in the front slot of the headset and strap it. Using the remote control, you can browse through the Daydream Home screen. However, only limited Google play apps are available. The power of your phone, screen resolution, and size can also inhibit the quality of the VR. This is not a major issue since only two phones, which have solid displays, are available for the Daydream View.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is the fourth iteration of the Oculus-powered virtual reality headset. The Korean based company owns this product. The new Samsung Gear VR was launched together with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Just like its predecessor, the new Samsung Gear VR costs $99. Furthermore, it has similar features to the previous Samsung VR headset.

This device has exciting features. The headset is comfortable to wear, wireless, requires simple set up, powered by your phone and the software library contains free and affordable applications. The library has expanded. The Samsung Gear VR has advanced ergonomics and features a sleek design. It is more improved compared to its predecessor. Besides being compellingly polished, the device is hugely accessible as well.

Activation of the gear is simple all you will need is a compatible device (Samsung Galaxy Smartphone). Compatible phones include; S6 edge+, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and the Galaxy Note 5.

With the Gear, games, videos, and application usage are brought to an entirely new level. However, only those with compatible devices will able to enjoy this. Purchasing a new phone to be used with a new gear shoots the total process to that of owning an HTC Vive.

The collaboration of Samsung with Oculus enabled the building of the VR software ecosystem. This comes with a broad range of applications, games, and virtual theaters. With virtual theaters, streaming video services like Netflix is made possible. The product is considered the best choice if you want to experience quality virtual reality, due to the rich content its library offers.

Exciting new features

Given that the device is similar to the previous one regarding features and price, one would ask; what is new? The most notable change is arguably the darker body, dark blue. This is different from the predecessor’s, which is white in both the interior and exterior. The dark region of the device improves viewing when in bright rooms. The field of view has been increased from 96 to 101 degrees. You therefore, will, be able to more on the screen. Another notable difference is the replacement of the USB-C connector port and the charging port with the standard legacy micro-USB. Besides the mentioned compatible Samsung devices, the Gear will also support the new Samsung Note 7. This, therefore, becomes apparent to the choice of VR Gear you will need when you purchase the note 7. Furthermore, you can charge your phone while inside the VR headset. You are however required to use a Samsung cable. The charging port is located on the sides of the headset. Alternatively, you can use the micro-USB adapter from the 2016 VR’s packaging gear, if you have an old Samsung Smartphone.

Other outstanding features include;

  • Easy to use touch controls,
  • Adjustable headset that are comfortable and fit well lighter weight and
  • Improved and durable padding.

Sony PlayStation VR

The Sony PlayStation VR has transformed the world of gaming. An entirely vivid virtual world experience is evident with the device. With 3D audio technology, the sound is clean and sharper. A lifelike feeling when gaming is possible by the advanced virtual reality display. The device is easy to use; just plug and play. For your comfort, you can adjust it for optimal experience after wearing for too long.

The device is affordable, user-friendly and accessible. The Sony PlayStation VR outlook is impressive; a black fascia, sleek white edging and cool lights that allow motion sensing. The Sony play station VR operates with the PS4, PS4 slim, and PS4 Pro. This advantage makes it cheaper than owning an HTC vive or an Oculus Rift.

Advanced VR display

An expansive 5.7” OLED 1080p display connects you to the virtual world. This display has a running capacity of 120 frames per second. There is a presence of LEDS around the PlayStation Move controller, DUALSHOCK4, and the PlayStation VR headset. The PlayStation camera tracks these LEDS, providing an accurate image capture of your motions in the virtual environment.

The headset experience

The headset design is meant to balance, be adjustable and comfortable to users. When you wear it, it feels like you are not wearing it. This experience ensures you are not disturbed when exploring the virtual gaming universe. The technology used by the PlayStation VR is similar to the other VR’s. However, Oculus and HTC Vive have higher screen resolutions. Furthermore, the product’s design is not for children under the age of 12. Nevertheless, when you consider the price and the fact that you already have half of the gaming hardware with you, owning the product becomes irresistible. Adding this to the company’s clear distribution channel, quality control, close developer relationships, the PlayStation VR presents a very compelling position. It becomes a solution to the complex universe of PC-based virtual reality.

Tracking head movement is possible, and the play station camera together with the PlayStation Move control or PS4 controllers outputs the virtual reality experience. The headset is flexible and does not fasten to your face. This is not the case to other VR headsets. By just pressing a button located at the back of the headset, a plastic band extends. Placing the band over your head, it adjusts automatically to fit. When you feel like the headset is still light, use the plastic dial to tighten. While doing all this, it does not feel like your head gripped. This reason is why the headset is very comfortable.

The weight of the headset spreads to your forehead and back of your head. When you wish to prevent external light, small rubber flaps will do the trick.

The games

Through the PlayStation VR, gamers are provided with an exciting experience. Since the launch of the product, a broad range of content is accessible to the users. From applications to over 70 games, were initiated in a window period of only a few months. These games and applications are already available to users. Furthermore, several mini games and experiences are available in the PlayStation virtual reality world. Games like the London heist, the playroom VR, RIGS and Batman: Arkham VR, fantastic battle zone area available.

The difference that sets the PlayStation VR apart from the other VR’s is the presence of an already existing platform. This eliminates the barriers to virtual reality. Your current gaming console will be used to experience the vast content that the PlayStation VR has to offer.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is solely responsible for creating the powerful wave of virtual reality at its various promises to the virtual industry. Palmer Luckey started oculus rift as a kick-starter project. He eventually sold the project to Facebook for a huge two billion dollars. The virtual reality experience was excellent. Ocular rift’s primary consumer market targeted the virtual reality headset users. Despite the fact that the price tag for the product is heavy, the features and qualities of the product easily out did the other competitors in the virtual reality industry.

In the premium segment, the Oculus Rift is the primary rival to the HTC Vive. Understanding how to use the Oculus Rift is simple, and this has set the product apart from others. With little visual flair, it comes as rectangular visor with rounded edges. It has a completely flat front panel marked with the famous Oculus logo. Similarly, the visor sides are also flat. The visor links to arms that move slightly up and down and attaching to three straps that secure the device to your head. The device comes with a re-display, remote control, and integrated headphones.

Two straps extend around the side of your head while one strap extends from the top of the visor over your head. Here, the padded triangle at the back connects to the visor. Hook and loop fasteners hold the three straps in place. The straps can also be adjusted. The headphones sit on the arms, where they pivot and can move up and down to fit in your ears properly. Without the other integrated features, the headset is light and very comfortable. Glasses can be worn with the device; however, they will fit tight. The oculus rift further comes with a movement sensor and an Xbox controller. To achieve optimal performance, the Oculus Rift will require enough room space and a powerful PC just like the HTC Vive. Several gaming PCs have been recommended on the product’s website.

Google Cardboard

This is arguably the cheapest and simplest way to get a feel of the virtual reality experience. The Google Cardboard viewer is easy to set up and is compatible with most Android devices on the market. It also supports the Apple iPhone. To use the cardboard, you just mount your Android device into the headset and proceed to install the Google Cardboard app, available at no cost in the Google Play Store.

Compatible and fits in any smartphone

The Google cardboard product first came into existence in 2014, merely as a cardboard container that can be used to hold your Android device. The Google Cardboard has attracting qualities and features. It comes as a twofold, that is; it supports or is compatible with a broad range of Android or Smartphone devices in the market, as long as they fit in the headset, and there is the Google Cardboard app. The cost of the Google Cardboard hardware is small and sometimes often free.

In some way, the Google cardboard is considered a breakaway success. The device allows Smartphone users to experience virtual reality content from either Google or elsewhere, without investing in a sophisticated system. Reports from the Google Company indicate that the shipment of Google cardboard device to users around the world has reached five million. A wide range of applications is available for the device. Google has also highlighted on the continued VR development and more investment in the future. It should also be noted that the Google cardboard device serves not only as a cardboard viewer but also as VR platform name from Google, which has been succeeded by the Daydream view.

No heads strap needed

With the Google cardboard, no head strap is required. In fact, the presence of the head strap would make it uncomfortable to wear. It is an ad hoc virtual reality viewer. The cardboard was designed to be held close to your face so at to view the content. A variety of Google cardboard applications for the content can be accessed from its software library. With the device, you can see 360 environments like the Google street view or YouTube material in a 360 view. The Google Cardboard is the first step for a user who wants to dive into the virtual reality world and experience what it has to offer. With the Google cardboard, everything makes perfect sense.


What makes the best buy VR headset for iphone?

Virtual Reality is finally finding its place thanks to smartphones being capable of powering VR headsets that are essentially goggles that sit in front of our eyes. If you own an iPhone and you’re worried about the potential cost or don’t know where to start the shopping process off, then you’re in luck. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the best iPhone-compatible Virtual Reality headsets. After all, it’s fantastic to play high-octane games or to watch 3D movies in the 360-degree view, isn’t it? It’s all possible with a good pair of VR Goggles!

Mobile VR has exploded the last couple of years thanks largely to Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard isn’t the most stylish or comfortable mobile VR headset, but at least it helped spread mobile VR to consumers on a grand scale, which surprisingly enough, is how many people are first exposed to virtual reality in general. There are other headset alternatives for those who want something more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear – but at a higher price, naturally. Taking a look at what Amazon offers, you’ll find things like Merge VR headset, a purple VR headset offering comfortable experience and functionality with ventilation ports and a flexible foam body. Next, Pasonomi VR has user-friendly design and high-quality material. Further, Homido V2 VR gives you 100-degree plus field of view. If you want to look fancy Carl Zeiss VR One Plus gives you stylish and modern look. And, if you are nostalgic for the old days View-Master VR Glasses Strater Pack would be the perfect choice for you! Also, they look amazing and include great educational content. Finally, our last choice is BoboVR Z4. This headset integrated speakers, build quality and it’s a little bit different from the others.

To be completely sincere, though, the complete VR experience is no different if you choose a cheap route with Google Cardboard. If you’re iPhone fan I’m sure you would love to buy all these best VR headsets, so let’s dive ahead to check out which one suits best your taste!

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#1 Google Cardboard

Using Google Cardboard is the cheapest way to experience VR on an iPhone. You can get a Cardboard headset for under $10 on Amazon, and with some of them, you can get a strap and NFC so it powers up the app on command. Google Cardboard is for the most part made from cardboard (you guessed by the name, obviously), so it isn’t the most comfortable headset to wear, especially over long periods of time. Being made of actual cardboard, it’s as minimal as you can get. Just, make sure you get the one with a button on top, not the magnet on the side since it falls off almost immediately.

The premise of Google Cardboard allows many experiences varying from rail games, to being thrown into the middle of a 360-degree video, watching movies, and even experiencing a roller coaster ride. After downloading the necessary Google Cardboard app, the initial demo helps in getting you informed in navigating around the VR space. Google Cardboard is the best starting point for mobile VR users, and if you still want to use VR after this headset, it may be worth investing in a slightly more comfortable alternative.

#2 Merge VR Goggles

If you are in quest of an ultra-advanced VR headset and a little fancier, then you don’t need to look beyond Merge VR. Google’s rules for making a Cardboard headset for iPhone are mostly the same, but Merge VR stands out in several ways. While most of these headsets are made out of hard plastic, the Merger VR Goggles are made with a lightweight and flexible foam, and the headset can easily fit any face. Also, it helps make the headset light and comfortable.

There are adjustable lenses with two buttons on the top of the headset to interact with your VR content, and there’s even a pop-out window in the front if you want to use it for AR purposes. With using dual input functionality, you can perform two different actions simultaneously. Also, the lenses on are surprisingly clear, and the device itself fits both regular and Plus iPhone models. The interesting feature of Merge VR headset is camera access, allowing Merge VR headset to be used with augmented reality apps too. The whole body is a soft foam, the design doesn’t unfold, so you’re able to put your iPhone in the top slot.

Thanks to the foam technology, you can clean it without any difficulty and this particular design makes it highly durable. The screen compatibility is 4″ – 7″. This is a solid, relatively inexpensive option for anyone.

#3 Pasonomi VR headset for iphone

Like we mentioned above, Pasonomi VR headset is made of high-quality material, it has user-friendly design and the superior technology let you get the best out of your 3D movies. So, there are the three qualities which stand out in Pasonomi VR headset. Its screen compatibility is 4″ – 6″ and the current price on Amazon is $39.99. It is used 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material and high-quality ABS minimizing the distortion to the bottom level when enlarging the images and providing a wider view.

The T-shaped straps make it adjustable for different needs from the users. You will feel much more comfortable when enjoying the movie or game since its design also helps decrease the pressure on around your eyes. Also, it offers you a 1000 inches big screen at the distance of 3m, providing you with super 3D picture effect and amazing feeling. You can easily put your iPhone in the 3D headset and zoom ahead. With the resin lens, you will not feel visual fatigue even if you use it for a long time. The lenses are helping since are individually adjustable.

The Pasonomi VR Glasses stand out from the other options in this sector by virtue of its unusual look – a black and white ABS plastic case, so this headset is stylish. It feels solid, regardless of the relatively light 297g weight, and the non-magnetic clasp shuts firmly. This headset works as well as can be expected for the price point, and is built to last – there’s a 5-year guarantee. And at the end of the day, they look rather special.

#4 Homido V2 VR Headset

The original Homido VR headset from the French VR company was one of the best you could buy in 2016. Now we have new, an improved V2 headset which screen capability is 4.5″ – 6″. The current price on Amazon is $54.95. The Homido VR V2 headset is a good option for iOS users that want a more premium VR experience. It is bigger than the original, so you can comfortably accommodate the latest iOS. It’s not only bigger, but also the build quality is improved and this headset comes with its own sturdy carry case and branded cleaning cloth.

The Homido VR headset is designed with soft padding to stop your skin becoming irritated when wearing it. The new lenses offer a stunningly 100-degree wide field of view with the minimal level of blurring. What is more, the Homido VR V2 looks to be ideal for glasses wearers since it offers controls that let you adjust the distance between the lenses. Perhaps it costs a bit more when you consider the average prices of VR headsets have fallen in the past year. But you definitely will get back what you invest because Homido V2 offers the most immersive VR experience of all the headsets tested.

#5 Carl Zeiss VR One Plus

Carl Zeiss’ experience in making lenses puts this headset high on our list. The Carl Zeiss VR One Plus headset provides you with an enjoyable VR experience with a 100-degree field of view, so it is worth paying the money despite it’s rather expensive. Now, with VR One Plus you can experience apps and video with this wide field of view, also those who will pick the Magnet Controller accessory can also control the action when strapped in.

The headset that comfortably keeps the headset in place and in a comfortable position. The headset itself has a foam outline on the back and it comes with two adjustable, stretchy straps so when you put it on your head it doesn’t hurt, and feels comfortable. The headset includes vents that prevent the lenses from becoming foggy. Unlike the Carl Zeiss VR One, the VR One Plus comes with a single tray that’ll accommodate any smartphone meaning any phone beyond the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are compatible. Great design means this headset looks stylish and modern.

#6 View-Master VR Glasses Strater Pack

The first mobile VR Goggles to actually be sold in Apple stores was Mattel’s second View-Master but has disappeared since then. Don’t worry, though, you can still buy it from Amazon. The View-Master VR has a remodeled smartphone and in that way, it can work with all sizes of iPhone, headphone support, and upgraded lenses. The screen compatibility is 5″ – 6″ and its current price on Amazon is $19.99. These days we dispose of with a couple designs, like the iconic View-Master design with a modern twist.

The headset is modeled on the classic View-Masters of before, even down to the sliding lever on the side, so it is a successful combination of nostalgia for the grown ups, and cool features for the new generation. The viewer is well built and easy to set up, but the lack of a head strap means makes it is better for shorter use. Some users have had problems with the non-adjustable lenses but we found the View-Master kept our iPhone screen in reasonable focus. It is best to use the View-Master with all the Cardboard-compatible apps on the App Store and Google Play.

#7 BoboVR Z4

The Bobo VR Z4 headsets are a refreshing attempt to try something different from the other Google Cardboard competitors. The lenses are adjustable and the headset fits over glasses. BoboVR Z4 weighs 15 ounces and it’s the best mobile headset that’s not a Gear VR. The device has built-in headphones and a control button and is easy to use. The field of view is an impressive 120 degrees and this means you will get the widest view possible on your smartphone, but for the best experience, it is recommended to use a phone with the highest-resolution screen. This headset performs well in the areas that matter most, so it is worth considering.

The screen compatibility is 4″ – 6″ and you can get it for $39 on Amazon. Its build quality is rather good and the headsets allow fine control of the focus of both lenses and the unit. All considered from the above mentioned makes this one of our favorite headsets. And if the headphones get in the way, it’s also sold in a mini version without them.

Conclusion: what is the ultimate best buy VR headset for Iphone?

You’re hooked, yes? You want a VR headset and as you can see, Google Cardboard headsets come in all shapes and sizes, but these 7 are the best for your iPhone! The truth is these things are fun and make gaming and movies more enjoyable. There are many VR headsets for iPhone that are compatible with other smartphones as well. All the above-mentioned products are entry-level variants, that allow you to begin to experience with virtual reality. So, get yourself up to date with Virtual Reality – it’s here and it’s great fun!

best vr headset for iphone

According to us, the most important is the comfort, so don’t forget to check the length of the head straps, and then you can completely enjoy your movie or game. Bear in mind that the performance and graphics of the VR experience itself vary, depending on the resolution of your smartphone and the quality of the app or game you’re downloading. All you have to do is choose which best suits your needs!

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How does VR work? How do iPhone virtual reality goggles make you think you’re in an ocean with dolphins swimming around you when you are actually about to fall from the stairs in your house? Sounds amazing, right?

The goal of these goggles is to create what seems a life size, 3D virtual environment without the boundaries we usually associate with TV or computer screens.  Be honest, it’s wonderful to watch 3D movies or play high-octane games in the 360-degree view, isn’t it? So, iPhone virtual reality goggles make your wild dream come alive as vividly as you can ever wish!

Nothing can ever beat the joy of living in a world where everything looks beyond imagination. This advanced technology offers the possibility of making things happen which can’t even be thought of in the real world. It is a fascinating way to travel using nothing more than the power of technology.

We’ve seen a virtual reality explosion over the last few months, and now in 2017, there’s an incredible collection of VR goggles to choose from. VR lets you look around a virtual space as if you’re actually there with the headset and motion tracking. More and more people seem to catch onto the fact that VR is glorious fun. You’re probably wondering which are the best iPhone vr glasses.

Let me tell you, you’re in the right place! We have made a list of the best VR goggles for your iPhone. Endowed with marvelous design, the latest technology, these VR goggles are out to set a new standard. I’m sure you would love to buy all these iPhone virtual reality goggles, so let’s try to choose one which satisfies your taste.

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#1 BlitzWolf BR-VR3

The most recent version of BlitzWolf’s VR goggles combines comfort and function. These iPhone virtual reality goggles offer strong quality and suitable design for wearing. Its new structure will show the immersive 3D virtual reality vision. The front cover is magnetically joined and can be removed to enhance ventilation and keep your device cool.

With available open sides, you can without much effort connect a couple of headphones to your mobile phone. It is also compatible with larger phones since the rubber pads can be adjusted to match your device, in that way, preventing smartphone side buttons being accidentally pressed.

In any case, this is not all. BlitzWolf’s headset additionally comprehends your eyes may not be same, so it contains individual pupil distance and focal distance, too. So you can adjust how far or close the lens is to your individual eyes and cater up to 300 degrees of near blindness. Lenses are upgraded to be more smooth and purified. Each eye can be focused independently.

That, combined with improved soft artificial perforated leather padding around the eye area and upgraded lenses makes the BlitzWolf a perfect choice for iPhone virtual reality goggles.

The only negative thing is you need to download apps with 3D format video or watch panorama videos on YouTube since this VR can’t automatically transform images to 3D format. All video source can be found on Google.

#2 Homido VR Goggles

First, these iPhone virtual reality goggles are comfy to wear and are compatible with larger phones. One of the many advantages of using the Homido is the headset doesn’t allow light to flood into the viewer itself. The screen compatibility is 4” – 5.7”.

The lenses are an essential part of any VR headset, and with Homido you get three unique cones to hold them set up, all made for various focal lengths: far-sighted, near-sighted and ‘normal’ vision.  It’s ideal in light of the fact the Homido can’t be worn with glasses – it’s just too small.

So, if you’re wearing glasses, these would suit you perfectly. The focal points give a 100-degree field of view. Any device with a 5-inch 1080p resolution is recommended, but it’ll work with just about any phone.

Now, you can enjoy immersive 360 games, 3D videos, photos and unique virtual reality experiences. Having the ability to use VR applications without hands on account of the head strap is a blessing, and the foam plot running along within the accessory feels comfortable even during long play sessions.

#3 Goggles Tech C-1 Glass

Experience 3D images and videos on your iPhone.  Made with the plano-convex lens, this is truly a handy device that works best in a 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution. Goggles can function through applications available through Google Play Store. Compatible up to 6 inches displays.

When regards to open-sided headsets, there are many choices. The Goggles Tech C-1 Glass folds up flat, weighs only one ounce, and includes a nice little carrying case. It’s additionally available in a couple of different colors if you don’t like standard black. You can these iPhone virtual reality goggles for $25 on Amazon.

The Google Cardboard QR Code is printed on the left side of the device. At whenever point the virtual reality application requests you to press the button to initiate some function, just press on the screen. Moreover, having full access to the screen implies you can switch applications and videos without removing your phone from its headset. This product provides the ultimate media experience.

Make sure that this product is carefully handled as it is made with glass. The drawback is these iPhone virtual reality goggles are too small to have head straps, and you have to hold them up with your hands. So these aren’t for watching a long movie. On the bright side, since they’re not tightly strapped to your head, you can utilize them with your glasses.

#4 Harbor 3D iPhone Virtual Reality Goggles

Do you want to experience movies anytime and anywhere? Do you want a real racing or shooting bullets in the battlefield in 3D games? Just put on this updated version of the Habor VR Goggles, it immediately will drop you into the action! We all know the blue lights coming from mobile phones can damage our eyes. Habor New Version VR Goggles has a blue coating film, so it reflects the blue light of your iPhone, safeguarding your eyes.

Additionally, the lenses are adjustable and you can slightly adjust the spherical resin lens to get a better experience of watching videos. The viewing angle is between 95 to 100 degrees. Designed to minimize discomfort, this headset ensures a balanced stress condition in three points on the head, reducing the pressure to the eyes, providing a lasting wearing comfort for its users. The leather face is more sanitary, elastic, and comfortable.

Comfortably fits iPhone with a screen size within 4.0 – 6.0 inches. The Habor is an extraordinary mix of the marvelous and the mediocre. It is “not too heavy or bulky. You can be in any position and watch your movie. It fit my head and my son’s head with no problems though. It fits comfortably and no external light gets in, you are literally in your own world there”, according to Nancy M. Carlson’s review on Amazon.


The VR applications that require user input are rendered useless since the headsets don’t have built-in action buttons or bundled Bluetooth controller. This is the only negative side. But, don’t panic, Bluetooth controllers are simple to purchase for around $10.

#5 Tepoinn VR Goggles (VR Shinecon)

Our initial impression was one of a pleasant surprise. The Tepoinn VR headset is well constructed: the dual lenses can be adjusted for focal length,  distance apart and the unit openings comfortably into place on your head, and the build quality is strong. It will easily handle an iPhone since the unit is designed for smartphones ranging from 3.5 to 5.5 inches in length.

These iPhone virtual reality goggles are perfect for playing games and watching 3D videos at anytime and anywhere, whether sitting, lying or standing. But, if you wear glasses you may want to pass on these goggles since it is only clear for normal eyesight and short sighted from 0 degrees to 500 degrees, it is not clear for long sighted.

Helped by the dual-axis adjustment of the lenses it performed well. The goggles are pleasant to wear. They allow getting better view angle and definition according to your own perception by adjusting the distance.

And, if your eyes are in different sight, you can independently adjust to get a suitable view. The headset is fantastic because “the mechanism that holds it in grips the sides and holds your device steady and centered”, according to Chris Ryan’s review on Amazon. And at this moment, the discounted price on Amazon offers excellent value for money.

#6 iDudu iPhone Virtual Reality Goggles

iDudu VR exceeds expectations in giving an astounding 3D experience. These iPhone virtual reality goggles are made of good quality plastic,  ultra-trend and comfortable design which makes it look stylish. This headset has been made of the finest leather material. The adequate nose bridge and face foam protector give the required comfort to wear it for a long time.

You can with little effort adjust pupil and focal distance from 58mm-68mm which offers different visual enjoyment. The best thing is it fits for all smartphones series with screen size from 4.0-6.2 inch. Also, the headset has a built-in headphone. And there are three adjustable straps for flexible wear.

#7 SIDARDOE 3D VR Goggles

Have you ever dreamed of entering your favorite virtual world? You can now explore whatever you want, from sitting in a first row in a sold out concerts to enjoying movies on your own amazingly big screen. You can even communicate and share adventures with other VR users around the whole world.

All this is waiting for you in the SIDARDOE. What makes SIDARDOE 3D VR Gogglesextraordinary is the capacity to give you a chance to cheer 360-degree panoramic pictures and videos. With the optical lenses and focal length adjustment, you can adjust it by your choice.

The design is made to minimize any discomfort and not only adds yet another credit in its cap but additionally, it makes it extremely easy to use. It’s been prepared to upgrade your IMAX time with pure fun.  It functions perfectly with your telephone, and it will allow you to you enter in another 3D world through the optical principle.

#8 ZiKON 3D iPhone Virtual Reality Goggles

Regardless of whether you are searching for the best VR headset for iPhone to give you a chance to watch 3D movies with awesome fun or excellent technology to enable you flavor up your 360-degree viewing, ZiKON 3D VR can be an amazing decision for you.

With the soft leather edges, cozy design, the headset is enormously comfy while wearing. You can remove it with no bother. Also, you have the option to adjust both pupil and focal distance. The positive thing is people with near blindness (less than 600 degrees) can utilize it without wearing glasses. Fits for iPhone with screen size to 6 inches, and the maximum size of the smartphone must be 170x80x12mm.


You want to try them all, right? Well, we tried a bunch of them and can tell you that these 8 iPhone virtual reality goggles are one of the best! To get a sense of the best current choices, we first read customers’ reviews on Amazon, which was helpful, and additionally, we read guides from respected sources and also consider compatibility with the iphone 6 plus models in our research.

In that way, having decided which ones to try, while wearing each headset, we checked how the screen looked, a test of the headset’s lenses and a test of the display of the mobile phone inside. We evaluated for visible pixels and how wide the field of view seemed.

When buying, keep in mind that the performance and graphics of the VR experience itself vary, depending on the resolution of your smartphone. Now, all you have to do is choose which one perfectly suits your current needs!


What Are Virtual Reality Glasses?

Virtual reality glasses are eyewear that works as a display device. These enable the user to view a series of images that are computer generated. Users can interact or respond with these images.It comes in the form of display screens that are worn in the face. These devices project graphical images that usually appear with video and sound. The user can see two distinct images, which are processed in the brain to produce a 3D image. This will show an illusion of depth, which is a feature of virtual environments.There are several types of virtual reality glasses that you can choose from. These are as follows:

  • Virtual reality glasses for PC
  • Virtual reality glasses for PS3
  • Virtual reality glasses for Mac

These devices function similarly to a computer monitor; however, it is wearable. This provides a 3D experience to the user through an input accessory like the joystick or data glove.Virtual reality glasses or goggles are currently use in the gaming and entertainment industry. Apart from that, these devices are also used in some other fields such as medical and military training (e.g., simulators and trainers). Many prefer this device than the traditional head-mounted display since they are more comfortable and lighter to use. These glasses come with a wide variety of interactive devices.These days, you can now find several high-quality VR glasses/headsets like the Sony Playstation VR, Oculus Rift + Touch, Samsung Gear VR W/Controller, Google Daydream View, Homido VR Headset, HTC Vive, and Merge VR. Please find below the features and characteristics of each of this amazing VR device.

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best vr glasses with remote

Best VR Glasses

Sony PlayStation VR

Considered as the most immersive VR glass, the Sony Playstation VR provides user the sound or stimuli that allow them to engross to the environment. It highlights a 3D audio technology, enabling users to perceive sounds below, above, and all around them. This is a great choice for those who want to play console games such as Star Wars or Batman.As for the field of view, this device provides around 100 degrees. Movements are detected through an accelerometer, PlayStation Eye tracking system, and gyroscope. This can be connected to your PS4 using a USB or HDMI.

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Oculus Rift + Touch

When it comes to performance and screen resolution, this the most powerful among the VR glasses in this list.The Oculus Rift highlights an OLED display, which has a screen resolution of 2160 x 1200 and a refresh rate of 90Hz. It has a field of view of 100 degrees and a tracking area of 90Hz. This also features an integrated audio system that allows users to experience a sound that offers depth and space.To enable you to respond to the virtual senses, the device is equipped with two Oculus Touch controllers. It comes with an independent remote for you to easily navigate through volume controls and menus as well.

vr glasses in room
Samsung Gear VR with Controller

Though this device is a bit bulky or huge, its size is still a plus. The optics of this VR glass is adjustable, providing you a more comfy image. This comes with a small remote that can be conveniently paired with your smartphone. This also features a solid but growing content library; therefore, it is never boring to use this device as you can explore a wide variety of new realities.

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Google Daydream View

When it comes to performance and quality, the Google Daydream View is a great option. This is compatible with Android phones, but it works best if you are a Pixel user. It is designed to be soft and breathable, making your head and face well ventilated and comfortable. It is available in three colors: fog, charcoal, and coral. It comes with a remote that can easily slide into a loop of one of the straps, thereby preventing it from constantly losing. It is immersive and it allows you to stream to an app-enabled TV.

Homido VR Headset

If you are looking for a VR device that offers value for your money, then Homido is a great option. At an affordable price, this VR glass has several interesting features and is compatible with many apps. Just like other brands mentioned earlier, it has also a field of vision of 100 degrees.It works best on phones that have a display of 4.5 to 5.7 inches; therefore, this is compatible with iOS and Android devices. What’s more is that Homido contains a full library of games and apps. There are over 2,000 options that you can choose from.

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HTC Vive

HTC Vive is the best among the VR devices on this list. It highlights an OLED display that has a resolution of 2160 x 1200 and a refresh rate of 90Hz. It also features a 360-degree motion tracking and precision tracking that has 32 headset sensors. With a field of view of 110 degrees, it can definitely cover your peripheral vision.This VR device is so unique in a way that it comes with 2 handheld controllers, which have 24 sensors for motion tracking and pinpointed accuracy. This also features dual-stage triggers and multifunctional track pads for a more interactive VR experience. These controllers have one-to-one tracking, which can mirror your hand gestures.

Merge VR

Merge VR is among the most durable among the devices on this list. It is stylish and comfortable and provides innovative dual touch inputs that work well with most VR apps.This device allows users to directly maneuver or navigate from the headset. It has left and right buttons at the top portion, which enables users to do multiple actions all at once. This device is made up of versatile, lightweight, and durable foam, thus making it comfortable to wear.Merge VR is equipped with Merge Start, an app discovery portal that organizes all your data that are compatible with the device. These apps can range from games to educational software.

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