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Samsung Galaxy Kids Mode Review

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In this technological age, it is impossible to keep phones and tablets away from kids. Children’s discretionary screen time (DST) is increasing day by day as there are no suitable monitoring and prevention techniques available.

They go through mental and cognitive formation in the early stages of their life so a proper structure should be developed to keep track of their activity.

This is made possible by Samsung Galaxy’s Kids mode.

In this article I want to share my review of the Samsung Galaxy Kids mode and why I love it.

The Samsung Galaxy tab is a great tablet and not too expensive here on Amazon. It has great features, but not many know about the great kids tablet additions.

Best android kids tablet with youtube samsung galaxy tab a

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Kids Mode

Kids mode containing child-friendly apps is available on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets and it is completely free. It is a secure way to watch the activities of young ones.

Set privacy, limit usage time and re-establish a whole new personalized interface to restrict access to inappropriate content from the web.

This mode contains multiple functions and operations just like any other app but it differs in a way that limitations and constraints can be set on each activity by the Parents or Guardians.

Tech with Brett has this great little video on the kids mode with his kids:

Exiting this mode is secured by both a PIN code and a password. In this way, only appropriate and suitable content is visible to the kid.

Kids mode contains 2500 different kinds of apps, both paid and free, to cover creativity, learning and entertainment aspects. Free apps are easy to get but paid apps are not downloadable unless the correct PIN code is entered.

This mode contains several colorful cartoon characters that can be customized and used in multiple apps. Proper child-computer interaction techniques are carried out to find the best result for kids.

An elegant user-interface and experience design is kept in mind in the designing process of each app so that the kid can learn and enjoy in the best way possible.

Games, songs, taking photos and learning

Kids can carry out activities like playing games, listening to songs, taking photos, learning from appropriate age math, educational and language apps, etc.

They can only access the filtered contacts on the phone or tablet so only limited people are approachable to them. In this way, it is safe. Kids mode’s home-screen contains several apps like browser, camera, video, canvas, music, gallery, etc.

The browser can be set for kids by just entering only child-friendly websites that are appropriate for the kids.

How to use the Samsung kids mode

Kids mode can be easily downloaded and installed from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

  • Start the app after installation.
  • During the initial phase of the app startup, it will ask for a PIN code to set the parental controls. This is the PIN code for the parents or guardians to remember.
  • Enter the PIN code first and then confirm it in the next step. This PIN code will be used for starting the kid protection mode or leaving the kids mode afterward. An additional password will also be requested for better security.
  • Set it up in the same way as the PIN setup.

The second step involves the creation of a profile for the kid. It is a registration process in which information of the child is filled in a form and the image is attached.

The maximum numbers of kid profiles that can be created are six. These profiles will be used for monitoring and limiting activities of kids later on.

After profile creation, actual parental controls can be set that includes a timer for the limitation of the usage of the app and settings of those apps that are safe for the kid.

For each profile, parental control options like daily playtime limit, accessible contacts, apps, media, and music can be set.

In the third step and final step, a scrollable list of all the contacts on the phone will be displayed.

From this list, the selection of suitable contacts can be made. Similarly, the app, media, and music selection list will be displayed in the same way.

In the parent control settings, the history of each activity is recorded. The graphs represent the people called, the apps used and a detailed report of activities performed in the last seven days.

A time limit of the weekdays and weekends can be set separately and multiple profiles can be managed at a single phone without any hustle.

In case of any error or problem, back-tracking is available for default kids mode and PIN settings. Kids cannot change the parental control settings or exit the app because it requires the PIN code.

However, the emergency calling option is still available.

Short Review of Galaxy Tab Kids edition on Amazon

Kids mode can be downloaded in Samsung’s Note, S, A, and J series of phones and tablets. It can also be downloaded in all Samsung devices from 2015 onwards and on all tablets.

Samsung Galaxy tabs are an innovative breakthrough that is replacing lightweight PCs. With the S pen and portable keyboard, the latest Galaxy tablets can be easily turned into computers on the go.

Galaxy tabs are competing at the highest market level because of its specifications and price comparisons. It includes a wide range of tabs in the S, SE, and A series.

Kids friendly sleeve on the galaxy tab

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These S tablets and clean and elegant designs. They are lightweight, wide and extremely thin in size. Most of their features are similar to the Samsung Galaxy S phone series, giving a typical Samsung experience.

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However, the main reason that differentiates them from other tablets is their display.

It is extremely sharp, covering the small details of the screen. The latest versions of these tablets run the Android Pie software. Multitasking is possible in a way that numerous apps can be opened at once on the screen.

Because of their built-in power-saving features and night mode, it has pretty good battery timing. The sound quality is extremely rich that can be adjusted based upon need.

On the downside, it slows a little with intense work but it is recommended for decent and average work.

Since purchase decisions are never rational, they always vary from person to person whether they want to buy that certain product or not.

However, these tablets contain all the major functions and features that are available in other highest competing products in the market.

Kids mode is available in all of these tablets.

Simple installation from the Samsung Galaxy Store can be made and the apps inside can be accessed with the parental account.

Check out the Galaxy Kids edition here on Amazon

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