Even if Samsung Gear VR was going for a market price of $ 199 which is double its normal price of $99, it could still be the coolest recommendation for purchase in the market right now.

Even if you wait for HTC vive, The PlayStation VR or for Oculus, the Samsung VR is way too unique. It only takes you seconds to set it up and more importantly, it has games, short films and TV shows that you can watch in real time.

The Samsung Gear VR has zero competition and therefore it is very hard to test. Below are any noticeable faults in detail, but remember it is really fun after all.

What’s it like?

If we make an assumption that you have never tried the Samsung Gear VR or if you have only tried a 2 minutes Samsung store or you only put a DIY cardboard to your face.

You can actually wear a Samsung Gear VR since you theoretically use it to strap your head and enclose your eyes. The Gear VR can tell how you tilt or move your head such that your vision on the VR varies as you move your head side to side, up and down or as you entirely swivel. You easily control the UI and other apps by simply gazing, touching or by tapping the touchpad. You can also use a Bluetooth controller to control the UI. If you want a better experience, you can play on the swivel chair or stand often.

Design tweaks

In appearance, the new Samsung Gear VR looks almost the same as the headset of the last year.  However, there are some remarkable differences; the space inside the headset and the newly introduced vents on the sides are the most important difference noted.

The new Gear VR is now entirely a black plastic and has an Oculus home button on top of the track pad just next to the ‘back’ button. You may need to get used it, you will find it so handy. You will find the new track pad smooth and unlike the old model has no arrow indents. You can also opt for a Bluetooth gamepad, it is even recommended.

Fascia is meant to be put in when there is no phone using the headset. This is unlike the previous design. You are also most likely to notice a thin plastic between 2 lenses at the sides of your phone’s display. You can easily adjust the straps and leave the focus wheel on the top since the straps are always looking identical.

The new Gear VR is also a little bigger and larger on the front than older model. This makes it also slightly heavier. This is designed to help accommodate large Samsung galaxy phones. You can hardly notice these differenced though.


Samsung Gear VR (2016): VR experience

Your real experience of using the Samsung Gear VR depends on the type of smart phone you are using. The type of phone you have however does not matter for you to notice the improvements on the headset. But for Samsung, the viewing has been enlarged to 101 degrees from the initial 96 degrees. It s color is also now darker to reduce reflection and glare.

You will also particularly like the field of view of the new Gear VR as it puts it on the same level with Vive and Rift on spec. even though the two have tint, this is no big deal at all because to be frank, when considering mobile VRs, Samsung Gear VR is still the best.

USB-C friendly

Another notable characteristic of the new model Gear VR is the type C USB adaptor. This means you can plug in Samsung’s newest phone model in unlike in Oculus and others, where you change the model with the phone due to compatibility.

This means that if you own Samsung S7 or S7 Edge, you will also enjoy the newly improved action. You can merely swap the USB C adaptor by an old Micro-USB model.

Doing this is simple, there is a little module that pops on the compartment in front, and you can slide until it fits the size of the phone. Be careful with the adaptors.

The following is a list of compatible Samsung phones:

  • Galaxy Note 7
  • Samsung S7
  • Samsung S7 Edge
  • Samsung Note 5
  • Samsung S6
  • Samsung S6 Edge
  • Samsung S6 Edge+