Virtual reality is very popular in the gaming world today. From the Oculus to the Google cardboard, the technology is amazing. However, the lack of content in the virtual reality world becomes the struggle.

Virtual reality applications are usually available for most Android users. The highly rated Elegiant VR 3D glasses with remote control provide a new experience to the virtual reality world. It is a Google cardboard device. The device works by placing your phone inside, and the applications appear in 3D. A point to note is that the device contains no virtual reality assisted technology. Your phone does all the work after placing it in. You can control your phone using the wireless Bluetooth remote or opt to go without.

This device is affordable and can work with most Android devices.

Remote functionality

The remote controller for the device is a wireless Bluetooth and gamepad controller. The remote controls your Android device works while in the headset. It works to control music, videos, and games among others. The remote accomplishes this through its different modes that control the device. For example, the mouse mode, the video mode, music mode, game mode, the selfie control mode, and the 360-degree rocker mode. It becomes easier to switch in between movies and music as well as games using the remote. The headset maintains the functionality of providing a cinematic virtual reality experience

Headset design


The Elegiant VR 3D headset comes with large openings on either side. You can, therefore, run wired headset out or even connect your charger. According to the device manual, the openings enable you to charge your phone and allow it to vent. It has a closing clip that is magnetic for a secure closing of the headset. The headset can also handle weight. The iPhone 6 Plus, for example, can be easily attached to the headset with feeling any discomfort when you wear it.

The overall design of the headset will only work with devices with screen sizes ranging from 4.7-5.9 inches.

The limitation of the design is that it will not block entirely outside light. Some will leak through the nose area. Being in a dark environment is the only way of solving this problem. The appearance of wearing the headset is also goofy.

Is the Elegiant 3D VR glass worth it?

The headset is light and comfortable. It is also durable and the pricing affordable hence a favourable choice when shopping around. The lenses are clear with limited distortions. The straps hold the glass securely and are comfortable. There are also various slots on the sides for headphones and USB cables. Lastly, the general feeling when wearing them is comfortable.

A restricting feature associated with the device is the leaking of light when wearing it. There is also a possibility of pressing random buttons when placing your device in the headset. It does not also have exciting new content.

In general, the packaging is commendable and comes with a manual and a cleaning cloth for the headset. The buttons are stiff to feel and do not flex because they are built in well.

Things to note about the device

The headset device should only be used for not more than thirty minutes. Prolonged usage might cause motion sickness from some of the applications. If you are usually not sensitive to movements or your stomach does not experience queasiness often, using the headset will not be much of a problem. Therefore, whether you are trying to find the most rewarding experience, that which looks realistic, be it mobile gaming, playing music, watching 3D movies or only experiencing virtual reality to its fullness, the Elegiant 3D VR Glass headset with remote control is the device of choice.