It’s a surprise that the Leelbox 3D VR goggles are of great design considering its pocket-friendly price. Better yet, there is still room for upgrading especially with the way it grasps the phone. It is built with a silvered grey and black scheme that is rather simple but still stylish. You can easily tune the lens width and the screen distance through three control knobs located at the midsection of the Leelbox all-round VR goggles. Moving further back, it has an elegant looking face opening that is padded with what looks like leather of some sorts. It is well stitched making it as comfortable as it can possibly be.

The strapping is relatively wide and elastic allowing it to comfortably fit. This prevents soreness that is caused by pressure. On the back front, the detachable cover provides more ventilation (I do not prefer it to the double contour slots on each side of the cover in front available for charging). The cutouts given may not fit your camera. You may cut out some of the excess plastic to the size you need.

If you’re that person that loves your goggles to always be inserted on the device, it is important to know that when you insert your goggles you cannot touch the screen. You will also notice that the goggles are unique in the market since they do not provide options for input.


It has a pretty strong construction. It is made of components that look like those plastics you find on TV remote controls or Blue ray players. You should however avoid dropping them since they have a large, unsupported surface that may crack.  The good news is you can use super glue to stick the broken pieces back together. You should however take good care of your goggle since they are not built to be dropped on hard surfaces. The cover of your phone is always closed with a magnetic strap. This ensures that the phone is always intact and retained.

General information

It is ecologically built on optical resin lenses and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene that feature an elegant design. It has a 3D VR helmet that offers a sensational virtual reality view for games and movies. You can also have long hours of fun because of the ventilation and the double adjustment capability.


This is the new model 3D VR helmet that supports both iOS and androids. It allows you to enjoy big screen effects on 3D and gives you an experience that you will otherwise only find in cinemas.  It also gives you an exceptional experience of 3D games which you can play with it.

  • Leelbox VR DESIGN.

There are comfortable and soft leather around the edges of the face mask.  There are also soft straps of leather that you can adjust and put on your face. if you correctly adjust them, you will not feel any soreness or weight.

  • Leelbox VR FUNCTION

They are probably the HD resin lenses that give you the best 3D view. You can personalize IMAX and enjoy it at home. You do not necessarily have to wear glasses because of the 600 degrees myopia adjustable PD and FD.

  • Leelbox VR CHARGING WAY.

You can charge while you are using it. The cover on the front has magnet that makes it easy to detach and keeps the phone cool as you charge it.

  • Leelbox VR OFFERING.

It accommodates large screens that will give you a good feeling. 3.5 to 6.0 inches phones can easily fit.

How to Use it

  1. You can search the CARDBOARD on Google play and use them together.
  2. You can view 3d videos with the 3D VR glasses by just downloading the videos to the phone.
  3. If you have an iPhone, you can go to the App Store and download Cardboard.

Minor cons

There are two minor issues about the device that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

First, to change the screen back and forth, but only from up, it uses the system of pinion and rack style. There are two guide pins that are not supported on the bottom. When you look up or down, they allow minor and noticeable angular contortion. If it were possible the designer could revise the system to stabilize it with (for instance) the scissor mechanism.

The second observation is the way the device holds your phone. On the top section of the cradle, there are two grabbers fixed with springs both with very little protrusions allowed to retain the phone. On the bottom, there are no protrusions. There are only two pads that will always retain the phone as long as it is upright. If it is possible, the designer could revise this and improve by including protrusions to retain the phone at the bottom.


The price and simplicity of this viewer is superb. It works incredibly well and you cannot go wrong.