The launch of Sony’s PlayStation VR is another huge milestone in the world of virtual reality. Virtual reality is the future of the gaming world and it has shifted its focus to beastly gaming PCs in recent times.

To make it even better, Sony’s PlayStation VR is relatively affordable considering the life that it pumps into the virtual reality experience. You only require a PS4 console to play the PSVR and get a first-hand experience of virtual reality to another level. PSVR is so advanced it sends a shiver across its computing competitors.

However, even the most advanced technologies have their flaws and PSVR is no different. The primary limitation that comes with PSVR is the fact that you will be required to get yourself a PlayStation Camera if you don’t have it already. You will then look for PlayStation Move Controllers to maximize the fun that is the gaming experience. However, you will eventually come to the realization that all these extra accessories that come with PSVR only make the game better and they are actually worth it.

A group of game fanatics decided to take PSVR to the test and see how good it really is. The experiment involved selecting a few of top games and then playing them as they compared each game’s experience with that of PSVR. The results of this experiment only proved one point; PlayStation VR is on top of the gaming world and there is no doubt about that.

The comfiest VR headset yet

Sony was definitely out there to prove a point when they built a headset that is specifically built for VR while prioritizing the needs of the customer. It is has a classy look and it is durable enough to stand a few drops or bashing.

The headsets are a little too solid compared to others that use more elastic materials. Nevertheless, the solidness is tough and reassuring in a way and it can still be adjusted to fit. Unlike most headsets that require to be adjusted to fit only after the face plate is popped up, VR headsets come with a button that enables you to move the eyepiece after you adjust it to fit. It is important that you make sure that the eyepiece and the whole headset is as tight as possible since the visual clarity relies on it. This can also be made possible just by clicking a dial that is placed at the back for tightening the whole piece.

Another good thing about these headsets is the rubber surrounding outside the visor which blocks ambient light better than the foam clips that are found in the other headsets. It is also possible to keep your glasses on while using the Sony PS VR.

PSVR headphones also come with a number of other extras that you would otherwise not find in other headsets. A good example is there is an inline remote with a number of control buttons somewhere on the cable for volume, toggling and powering it on or off. The remote has a jack that enables you to use it not only on the Sony’s headset but any other compatible headset. It is possible to pair wireless headsets with the PSVR but you will need to connect it direct using the jack if you want to enjoy the audio. Who would not want that?

How the Sony PlayStation VR works

Just like any other virtual reality game in the market, the Sony PS VR has the big task of keeping you glued to your video game by simultaneously producing two images which it sends to a headset a meter or two away. However, Sony PS VR only requires the PlayStation 4’s built-in GPU to deliver a great gaming experience unlike the other competitors who must use expensive graphic cards to achieve this.

This is made possible by the fact that the PlayStation Camera is able to keep track of the lights on either the DualShock 4 or Move Controllers, depending on the particular video game you are enjoying, and nine different points of light on the headset.

It is amazing how a single camera can accurately keep track of what is happening in the game. It is however common for the camera to lose track of the controller once in a while. That said, it is important to keep in mind that it is possible for the PlayStation VR to lose track of you a lot if you keep moving around the room while playing. This is simply because of the fact that it relies on only one camera unlike the HTC live which comes with true room-scale VR. You can decide to walk around the room while playing your favorite video game but be prepared for warnings from the system that you are too far. On that note, it is recommended that you stay stationery when using the PlayStation VR to get the best out of it.


You will have to part with $399 if you want to get yourself the basic Sony PlayStation VR package that only comes with the PS VR system, cabling and headphones. A PlayStation VR Launch Bundle which contains the PlayStation VR system, PS Camera, two PS Move Motion Controllers and a copy of PS VR Worlds goes for $499. Both packages include the PS VR demo disc to help you get well acquainted with the system.

Whichever package you chose to get, Sony PS VR is worth every penny considering the revolutionary features that it comes with.


Even though it is clear that the Sony PlayStation VR is a leader in the gaming world, it is still out of reach to many a people who would love to get a taste of the world-class gaming experience that it brings. This is mainly because it is considered to be expensive to the ordinary man and it is still not readily available in all the gaming stores.

However, if you are able to get your hands on this game changing PS, do not hesitate since it will surely blow you away.