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Where Do People Buy Their Tablets in South Africa

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Let’s admit it, buying a tablet is not as easy as it seems. There are many counterfeit tablets in the country and the few genuine vendors don’t offer pocket friendly tablets. This means that buyers have to be extra careful when buying quality tablets as well as avoiding being ripped apart by vendors.

None the less, there are very good tablets out there, like the ones from our review of the best tablets for this year which are competitively priced. But where can I get such, you ask? Well, worry not, this article will give you insights on where to buy tablets in South Africa. So, without much ado, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

Price Check

With online shopping being the new order of the day, has crafted a name for themselves by offering a wide range of products, tablets being one of them. The site is pretty easy to use and the vendor has done well to provide customers with as much information as possible. Price check has an updated search tool mechanism that allows customers to search for a product very easily.

Next up is shopmania an online platform that allows customers to shop a wide range of products from home appliances to clothing to toys. Shopmania has devised their platform to suit customer needs and they have a search bar that helps customers to easily locate their products. The site is easy to navigate and they offer free shipping for the clients.

As the name suggests, this platform is set up to help customers shop as much as they would like. The site has focused mainly on computers and their accessories and they have gone to great lengths to ensure that they provide as much information as possible for their products. They have also ranked their products according to prices making it
easier for clients to choose a product from their desired price range. This makes it easier for clients as well as saving them time. When it comes to payments, the vendor has several ways in which clients can pay top among them being; eBucks, Discovery Miles, COD, Mobicred, debit/credit cards among others. The vendor offers free shipping but a customer has to order goods worth R 450 and above to warrant this offer.

illustration of an online shopping

This international giant seems to be making a name for itself in South Africa and customers are flocking the site in their thousands to search for various products. eBay has crafted a name for itself when it comes to online shopping and the same experience given to people in other parts of the globe can also be experienced is S.A. The best
thing with eBay is, they have broken down to the very last description of a product and customers get to know the very last detail of a product. eBay also offers clients shipping services and customers can be assured of getting the very best tablets from some of the world’s biggest providers.

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Bid of buy is another online shopping platform that vendors can visit to buy a tablet. The vendor has stocked the platform with an array of products giving customers the freedom to choose the product they want and at the right price. Even though their search tools are not as advanced as other platforms. Bid or buy has given customers an easy time by categorizing their products into well thought of groups. The vendor also offers customers great offers and discounts with the most popular one being the one dubbed “deals of the week.” Customers should be on the look out since they can get a tablet of their choice at a throw away price.

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Well, this list could not have been complete without America’s online shopping giant, Amazon. Even though there is no specific South African amazon site, the site continues to be among the top sites people are visiting to buy tablets. The site boosts of having products in their thousands to choose from. They also have excellent searching tools
making it easy to select your tablet of choice without having to through hundreds of them before getting to your preferred choice. You might as well go for which offers good discounts for international shipping’s for selected destinations.

samsung tab

Where best to buy a tablet than from one of the world’s best gadget manufacturers? With Samsung, you are guaranteed of getting quality tablets that have genuine warranties. Looking at their site, it is well stocked with a wide range of tablets spoiling customers with choices. You can buy the tablet of your choice and have it shipped to you, or if you are in Cape Town, you can visit their store in Waterfront.

Parting Shot

There you go, the above places are good platforms that you can buy your tablets from. I have to admit that the list is in no particular order and you can choose any one of them. Most of these sites have strong security features meaning you purchase is safe and secure. If you were wondering where to buy a tablet there are several places you can get one.

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